Hong Jin-young acknowledged plagiarism of thesis “I’m only thinking about getting out of it…

Singer Hong Jin-young (photo = material photo/no cut news)

Singer Hong Jin-young admitted to plagiarism for his master’s thesis and expressed his position, “I sincerely apologize and ask for forgiveness.”

Hong Jin-young said, “I know it’s too late and I can’t turn back,” and said, “But even now, I sincerely apologize and ask for forgiveness, so I picked up a pen”.

He said, “On the day I made a comeback with a new song, the article plagiarism broke out. I was really so scared of what to say and my head was white,” he said. I was so scared that I couldn’t think I could.”

“So I was in a hurry to rationalize myself in such a way that’the professor said there was no problem,’ and’I can’t even teach with a degree’. I was afraid that everything I had lived up to now would be seen as a lie.”

Hong Jin-young said, “If I return my degree, I thought it would be easy for me to pass it over or forgive me,” he said. “So I used the expression’custom.’

He admitted the mistake, saying, “If I did wrong, I had to apologize properly and get confused, but I was in a hurry to make excuses instead of reflection. I wasn’t mature and I wasn’t even an adult.”

“I am deeply sorry for accepting the preliminary conclusion of the plagiarism of Chosun University. I have made a great excuse for those who are still preparing their master’s and doctoral thesis day and night. I am sorry. I will acknowledge and reflect on everything.”

He concluded, “I have been receiving too much love compared to what I had. I will take time to quietly look back at me and do meaningful and good things to repay the love I have received.” He said, “I bow my head once again and apologize. I apologize again and again.

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