Hong Jin-young, who demanded to get off, finally made a decision

While singer Hong Jin-young is being suspected of plagiarism, her older sister, Hong Sun-young, appeared alone in’My Ugly Little Boy’.

SBS’My Ugly Little Boy’

On the SBS’My Ugly Cub’ broadcast on the 22nd (hereinafter referred to as’Miwoobird’), actors Lee Sang-hee and Jung Seok-yong visited Hong Jin-young’s older sister Hong Sun-young’s house to learn how to eat delicious food.

Lee Sang-hee said to Hong Seon-young, “I came to learn dialect last time,” he said. “This time, I have to eat food in the drama, so it would be nice to teach me how to eat it deliciously. I eat it tasteless even if I see it.”

In response, Hong Sun-young said, “Once my brother puts a little rice and eats filth. If you try it together, you’ll know it.”

Meanwhile, Hong Jin-young could not be seen in the broadcast that day, only his older sister appeared. Also, the video was not published in the broadcast clip video.

Hong Seonyoung Instagram

Recently, as the case of Hong Jin-young’s thesis plagiarism became controversial, demands for getting off the ‘Miwoobird’ were struck. In this regard, the production team of’Miwoobird’ has not come up with any answers.

Earlier, Hong Jin-young received his master’s degree in 2009 with his thesis entitled’A Study on the Trend of Cultural Contents Industry through Hallyu’. As a result of examining his master’s thesis with the plagiarism review site’Copy Killer’, it was revealed that the plagiarism rate was 74%, raising suspicion of plagiarism controversy.

As the controversy continued, he said, “I have been working hard for the past 10 years with sweat and tears pouring out, but I am also upset when I come up with such a rumor,” and “I will return my master’s and doctoral degrees.”


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