Hong Jun-pyo “I won’t give an opinion until the election”… Kim Gun-hee’s post was also deleted.

Hong Joon-pyo, Representative for People’s Power. (Dong-A Ilbo DB)

On the 17th, Rep. Hong Jun-pyo of People’s Power said, “I have decided not to comment on this election any longer.” He also deleted the Facebook post he wrote about the transcript of the phone call of Kim Gun-hee, wife of presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol.

Rep. Hong said this by posting an article titled ‘No Confidence (吾不關焉)’ in the ‘Hongmun Cheongdap (young people answer Hong Jun-pyo’s question)’ section of the youth platform ‘Youth’s Dream’ that he created on the same day.

Rep. Hong said, “I hope that the Kim Gun-hee risk will be overshadowed and the shamanistic Guonjin Judiciary case will pass safely. I decided not to get involved because it only amplifies misunderstandings.”

Earlier, when MBC released a transcript of a phone call between Mr. Kim and Lee, a reporter from the Internet media ‘Voice of Seoul’, the day before, Hong said on his Facebook, “It is said that Kim Jong-in (who served as the general election chairman) came because he had something to eat. It is shocking, and it is shocking to say that the conservatives who led the impeachment (former President Park Geun-hye) are fools.”

Rep. Hong was also concerned about a media report that a shaman known as a ‘Geonjin Judge’ was involved in the People’s Power Election Countermeasures Headquarters, saying on Facebook, “I’m worried that it will lead to the Choi Soon-sil incident.”

Regarding the media reports about shamans, the People’s Power said, “The person mentioned has never been appointed as an adviser to the National Network Committee of the fleet headquarters, and it is not true that he is a shaman.” There was no room at all,” he said.

Currently, all posts about Kim’s call recording and posts about shamans have been deleted from Congressman Hong’s Facebook page.

Reporter Lee Hye-won, [email protected]



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