Hong Kong Customs unveils new crown drug smuggling case with market value of around HK$7 million_Travelers_Customs Personnel_Cartons

Original title: Hong Kong Customs revealed a new crown drug smuggling case with a market value of around 7 million Hong Kong dollars

Hong Kong Customs held a press conference on the 20th to announce that Hong Kong Customs had uncovered a new crown drug smuggling case with an estimated market value of about 7 million Hong Kong dollars.

It is understood that customs officers passed a risk assessment on the 19th and intercepted a male passenger arriving from India at the airport. Around 2,100 boxes of new oral drugs suspected to be the crown were found in his luggage and 4 checked cartons , a total of 74,000 grains. .

Customs officers immediately arrested the 43-year-old male passenger. After further investigation, customs officers found that two of the registration cartons belonged to another 40-year-old male passenger who was on the same flight as the person arrested above, so he was also arrested. (China News Agency Reporter Dai Xiaolu)

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