Hong Kong Disney’s 15th Anniversary Celebration New Castle Debuts

Original title: Hong Kong Disney’s 15th Anniversary Celebration New Castle Gorgeous Debut

People’s Daily Online, Hong Kong, November 2 (Reporter Chen Ran) Hong Kong Disneyland Resort announced on the 2nd that the park’s “15th Anniversary Wonderful Celebration” will be officially launched on the 21st of this month, and the newly repaired “Wonderful Dream Castle” will also be at the same time The unveiling marks Hong Kong Disney’s new milestone.

The magnificent “Fantastic Dream Castle” is inspired by the classic stories of Disney princesses and queens. Each tower and spire incorporates different story features. The rich colors, patterns and decorative details reflect the diversity of the new castle. Harmonious and coordinated design concept.

According to Hong Kong Disneyland, the unique new castle in the world will become a new landmark in the park. It also symbolizes courage, hope and infinite possibilities, and encourages everyone to bravely pursue their dreams. Whether it is from a distance or a close look, visitors can savor the beauty of this castle against the backdrop of the verdant mountains.

The “Fantastic Dream Castle Story Exhibition” will lead visitors on a journey of discovery, experience the story behind the creation of the castle, and understand the wonderful process of the Disney fantasy engineering team from design to completion. The exhibition will showcase the concept and design of the castle, innovative building technology, and interactive entertainment experience.

To celebrate the “15th Anniversary Wonderful Celebration”, the special Christmas event A Disney Christmas will also start on the 21st, allowing visitors to participate in a double festival and feel the joyous atmosphere spreading to every corner of the park.

Previously, affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Hong Kong Disney announced the suspension of opening on January 26; as the epidemic eased, Disney, which had been closed for nearly five months, resumed operations on June 18. Due to repeated local epidemics, Hong Kong Disneyland was suspended again in mid-July; on September 25, Disney reopened in accordance with the latest guidelines of the SAR government on epidemic prevention and control. It currently operates 5 days a week and is closed every Tuesday and Thursday.

To ensure the health and safety of tourists and employees, Hong Kong Disneyland has stepped up its epidemic prevention work. Visitors must purchase tickets online in advance and make an appointment to enter the park. They must take their body temperature and wear a mask when entering the park. In the park, the staff strengthened encryption cleaning and disinfection, and visitors must also maintain appropriate social distance.Return to Sohu to see more


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