[Hong Kong Football]Zhuo Yaoguo was immediately imprisoned for 3 months after being found out of cannabinol

[Tilu News]Zhuo Yaoguo, who played for Hong Kong in the Provincial-Hong Kong Cup, was charged with criminal damage and was sentenced to probation for putting red oil on residential houses in multiple districts at the beginning of the year.1In 2016, he was remanded again because he was repeatedly found to contain cannabidiol in urine samples during the probation period and failed to meet with the probation officer on schedule. Today (28Day) Sent to imprisonment in Kwun Tong Court3Months. When Zhuo Yaoguo pleaded, he emphasized that he did not smoke marijuana and that he was a professional football player and still had the opportunity to be selected for the Hong Kong team. He hoped that the referee would impose a non-custodial penalty.

Zhuo Yaoguo, wearing a black shirt, was escorted to the court by a prison car in the morning.3A friend attended the courtroom.Zhuo Yaoguo’s probation report pointed out that he was2021He smoked marijuana during the year and did not submit bank account information to the probation officer.Zhuo Yaoguo, who was not represented by a lawyer, defended himself and emphasized to the magistrate that he was2020to2021He has never consumed marijuana every year, his bank account was terminated, and the incident was mentioned to the probation officer. Zhuo Yaoguo also submitted a letter of plea, stating that he is a professional football player and still has the opportunity to be selected for the Hong Kong team, hoping to be sentenced to non-custodial punishment.Chief Magistrate Qian Li pointed out when sentencing that this case must be sentenced to imprisonment, and that the two cases were sentenced to each3Months imprisonment, but considering his plea deduction3share1 penaltyPeriod, but each has 1 month instalments, so you are immediately imprisoned3Months.

Zhuo Yaoguo (Photo: Tilu Database)

Zhuo Yaoguo (Photo: Tilu Database)

27-year-old Zhuo Yaoguo, who reported as a football player, admitted that this year1moon16day,26Day and30Sun, at Hong Sing Garden, Kin Ming Estate, Ming Chou House and Kin Wah House in Tseung Kwan O3Each unit splashed red oil and posted a notice to urge repayment on the exterior wall.6Sentenced to accept1Years of probation.However, his probation officer report revealed that he had not met with probation officers on time many times in the past six months.5Cannabidiol was found in the second urine test, and the probation officer suggested that the probation order be cancelled. Zhuo Yaoguo said when he interceded earlier that he had been tested for cannabidiol because of drinking cannabidiol drinks with friends in a coffee shop, or smoking cannabis in social situations.

Zhuo Yaoguo made his debut in the Standard Wanderings. In 2018, he went to Dalian in the Chinese League to surpass the foot test, but finally joined the Swiss club Chiasso. He later returned to Hong Kong for a short period of time to play for Jialian Yuen Long, but repeatedly reported negative news of suspected debt collection and was abandoned again. In this season, he played for Group A Junqi in a case. Zhuo Yaoguo scored a goal in the first leg of the Hong Kong Provincial Cup 3 years ago and won the Hong Kong team, but he never played for the Hong Kong team in the A-level match.

Case No.: KTCC439, 834/2021

Text: Mai Jingzhi

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