Hong Kong implements 0 + 3 from 9/26 to relax airport entry quarantine restrictions

Hong Kong hotel quarantine arrangements for airport arrivals which have been implemented for almost two years in response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic will be cancelled. The Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Li Jiachao, announced that the Hong Kong government has significantly relaxed entry quarantine restrictions, and will implement “0 + 3” from the 26th. People arriving in Hong Kong from overseas or Taiwan via the airport do not need to be quarantined. hotel after arriving in Hong Kong, but only need 3 days of home medical monitoring. , you can go out during the period.

香港9月26日起實施0+3 放寬機場入境檢見最机。(中央社\檔案夫生)

Hong Kong will implement 0 + 3 from September 26 to ease entry quarantine restrictions at the airport. (Central News Agency file photo)

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, Li Jiachao, held a press conference this afternoon and announced four relaxations of entry quarantine restrictions, which will take effect from September 26. Measures include:

1. Cancel the current “3 + 4” quarantine arrangement for those arriving from overseas or Taiwan through the airport, that is, upon arrival in Hong Kong, they will be quarantined in a quarantine hotel designated for 3 days, followed by 4 days of medical monitoring During this period, they can go out but not eat Stores, hotels and other designated listed places.

The new measure is “0 + 3”, that is, those arriving in Hong Kong do not need to be quarantined in hotels, but only need 3 days of home medical monitoring; 3 days of home medical monitoring can be carried out in hotels. their choice or at home, and they can go out during the “Code Yellow” period and cannot enter listed buildings such as restaurants and bars.

Nucleic acid tests are required on the second day after arriving in Hong Kong. If the result is negative, the applicants will be given a “blue code” and can enter restaurants, etc., but they need to monitor themselves for 4 days and fast screening behavior every day.

In addition, upon arrival in Hong Kong, passengers need to undergo nucleic acid tests at the airport, but they do not have to wait for the results as in the past, and can leave first.

2. Canceling passengers need to hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours before boarding to Hong Kong, and change to a negative rapid screening result within 24 hours.

3. Allow Hong Kong people from overseas who have not been vaccinated to return to Hong Kong.

4. “Easy to Hong Kong” and “Easy Return to Hong Kong” no longer have quota restrictions and apply everywhere in mainland China. These two arrangements are mainly to facilitate the entry of people from mainland China to Hong Kong and the return of Hong Kong people from mainland China to Hong Kong. At present, there are daily restrictions on the number of people.

Li Jiachao said that the purpose of the above relaxation measures is to facilitate foreign people to come to Hong Kong and connect Hong Kong with the world, but the authorities will not “lie flat” against the new crown pneumonia virus.

◤ Epidemic prevention is not lax, and we fight the epidemic together◢
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