Hong Kong Island background open world racing game “Car Soul: Infinite Race Corona” postponed to cancel the old console version- Hong Kong mobile game network GameApps.hk

“Car Soul: Infinite Race Corona/Unlimited Test Drive: Sun Crown” was originally scheduled to be released on September 22, 2022, but it was officially announced that this work will be postponed to 2023. The goal is to spend more time developing and making this work. For the most perfect gaming experience in the series.

Featuring a 1:1 scale reproduction of the environment, beautifully reproduced cars, a realistic driving experience, social interaction with other players, a wide variety of races and game modes, officials said they hope to build the entire Hong Kong Island and its 550 kilometers of roads Become an unlimited playground where the fun never ends.

The development team plans to conduct a beta testing phase, allowing players to participate in the trial and collect feedback, so as to continuously improve the quality of the game. The team also stated that in order to take full advantage of the technology in the latest game consoles and maximize the overall quality of the game, the game has decided not to develop PS4 and Xbox One versions. There is no announcement of cancellation for the Switch version.


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