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Hong Kong media: Alleged that “Changjin Lake” threatened the world’s Douyin film critics were banned

by news dir

issuing time: 16/10/2021 – 10:51

Following the criminal detention of Chinese media person Luo Changping for mocking the patriotic film “Changjin Lake”, some mainland Douyin film critics have also been caught by Douyin recently for publishing related remarks such as “Changjin Lake and other films are threatening the world”. The platform is banned, and related videos cannot be viewed.

According to a report by Sing Tao Daily today, Douyin film critics were banned for alleging that “Changjin Lake” threatened the world. A user of Douyin nicknamed “Miluzheguang Films” published a “reflection” video on “Changjin Lake” under the name “behind the carnival, a sense of crisis that cannot be ignored”. She said that she suddenly thought of a problem: In the current world environment, large-scale wars may no longer occur, but small-scale frictions may be unavoidable. “Under this circumstance, the appearance of our film “Changjin Lake” and the appearance of frequent anti-Japanese war films are conveying to the world an ideology that is not friendly enough and not enough to maintain stability? Doesn’t it contain threats…”

According to the report, the remarks aroused criticism from some netizens. Some netizens asked: “Why do you need to reflect on making movies about Chinese soldiers defending your country?” Other netizens took the United States as an example and asked, “Does the United States threaten the world by making so many war films?”.

However, the suspected film critic explained afterwards that he “didn’t fully figure out the wording” when making the video, and the video of less than one minute could not represent his personal position. She also said that she was moved to tears while watching “Changjin Lake”.

The newspaper reported that as of yesterday afternoon, the 16-day War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea film “Changjin Lake”, with a box office of 4.5 billion yuan, ranked sixth in the history of the mainland movie box office.


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