Hong Kong media not threatened by China’s Biden comments about military intervention in Taiwan

US President Joe Biden has once again hinted at the possibility of military intervention in the defense of Taiwan, but that will not change China’s plan to unify Taiwan, Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post (SCMP) said, citing experts, on the 20th.

Beijing military critic Zhou Chenming said President Biden’s recent comments reflected rising tensions in the Taiwan Strait.

“The purpose of the White House is to maintain a dialogue channel with the Chinese leadership and the People’s Liberation Army,” he said.

“Doing so will help them prepare for the next stage of their strategy, test routes and create more tension in the region,” he added.

He also pointed out that US commanders have speculated in recent years about the timing of the People’s Liberation Army occupation of Taiwan, all in an effort to figure out China’s timetable.

“China will choose the right time to resolve the Taiwan issue, and the United States will not be able to influence the plans of the PLA,” he said.

Military expert Fu Qianxiao said President Biden’s comments suggest a shift from “strategic ambiguity” to “strategic clarity” by the United States about Taiwan.

“The promise to defend Taiwan also serves the purpose of promoting Taiwan’s independence,” he said.

However, he said, “The People’s Liberation Army will not be threatened to move forward or delay plans,” he said.

Drew Thompson, a visiting senior research fellow at the National University of Singapore, a former Pentagonist, said that China’s military plans would also be based on the assumption that the United States would intervene in the conflict in Taiwan.

He said that the United States sells arms to Taiwan and through visits and exchanges gives Taiwan a place to negotiate with China from a relatively safe position.

However, he said, “The dispute for the defense of Taiwan remains a theory.”

“President Biden’s comments are more of an example of strategic deterrence,” said Rurishi, a military expert from Taiwan.

“The US military realized that it would be too difficult to deal with the Taiwan war with the Ukraine war still going on,” he said.

Chung Mong, an associate professor at Waseda University, said, “Fighting on the two fronts in Ukraine and Taiwan is not in the interest of the United States, so the United States is trying to prevent any war from starting.”

“However, China’s calculations are focused on domestic political needs, which could seriously limit US deterrence,” he said.

Asked whether he would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack on CBS’ 60 Minutes, which aired on the 18th (local time), President Biden said, “Actually, if there is an unprecedented attack, I will do it. “

President Biden has repeatedly discussed the possibility of military intervention in China’s attack on Taiwan.

At first, there were analyzes of fake comments, but gradually, pressure is placed on the interpretation that the comments are made deliberately to include China.

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