Hong Kong media pointedly asked Carrie Lam, “Is it a gift to the Central Committee to copy the position and Apple?”

At the annual press conference on the 30th, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam said that the arrest of high-level positions by the police was not aimed at the media. (Photo/TVB provided)

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam held an annual press conference today (30th) to review the work situation, stressing that the SAR government will make every effort to respond to the epidemic in 2021, restore economic vitality, and count its achievements. But when it was time for questioning, many Hong Kong media made sharp questions about the closure of position news yesterday (29th). The reporter of “Hong Kong 01” is even more fierce, asking whether the Hong Kong government copied Apple and the two media outlets, whether it is a gift to the central government.

Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor said that she would not comment on the case under investigation, but added that the action was not aimed at media with certain positions, nor was it rectifying the opposition media in the reporter’s mouth, but law enforcement. The media that claims to be the fourth right cannot override the law and are also restricted. It is reiterated that Hong Kong is a society under the rule of law, and all actions taken are based on the law, long time for evidence collection, and the Department of Justice to make prosecution decisions. Lam Cheng also criticized the Western media and the government, saying that every time they saw Hong Kong law enforcement agencies arresting journalists, they would allege that the Hong Kong government’s actions impacted freedom of speech and suppressed democracy. He criticized them for drawing conclusions and even demands without evidence. Letting go is to trample on the rule of law.


On the 29th, the Hong Kong police entered the position of the media to arrest staff. Many media are worried about how to handle the reporting line in the future. (Photo/Associated Press of Dazhi Image)

A reporter from the Hong Kong Economic Journal asked Lam Cheng, the so-called “incitement” and “hate the government” report, the definition and the line are blurred, how to define it. It was also mentioned that in the case of position arrests, one of the arrested former directors, Fang Minsheng, had served as the chief executive of the Council of Social Service. When Carrie Lam was the director of the Social Welfare Department, she should have worked with her. Fang Minsheng was a Will it incite people who hate the government?

As 前 董事 方敏生 曾 擔任 過 社會 服務 聯會 聯會 的 行政 總裁 , 特首 林 鄭月娥 擔任 社會福利署擔任

The former director Fang Minsheng served as the chief executive officer of the Social Service Federation, and the Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor worked together as the director of the Social Welfare Department. (Picture / flip photo goasia)

Lam Cheng did not respond positively to this. She just emphasized again that freedom of speech is not absolute. She cannot define what is instigation, but emphasized that she respects the views, criticisms or attacks of journalists on policies. In the past year, she has no feeling of chilling effect at all. Lam Cheng said: “Opening the newspaper every day is a lot of criticism, especially to me.” He also said that it is okay to criticize and express opinions, but professionally trained media workers should know how to distinguish “incitement”. I believe the court will give more details in the future. Clear statement.

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Hong Kong media pointedly asked Carrie Lam, “Is it a gift to the Central Committee to copy the position and Apple?”

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