“Hong Kong Motors Northward” | Visiting Hong Kong people in Shenzhen to renew their mainland driving license Steve: Completed in almost 70 minutes

The Northbound Hong Kong car, which has attracted a lot of attention from Hong Kong people, will accept applications from qualified Hong Kong private car owners at 9:00 am this Thursday (1st), and approved private cars can pass’ r Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge starting from July 1. Travel between Guangdong and Hong Kong, the one-hour living circle in the Greater Bay Area that many citizens look forward to will be able to move forward without obstacles. Mr. Wu (Steve) is one of them, who is involved in the toy industry in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, but he must drive north. Hold a mainland driving license first. A reporter from “Sing Tao” went with Steve to Shenzhen to exchange for a mainland driver’s license a few days ago, He followed the whole process directly and it took almost 70 minutes to complete all the items and he got the certificate on the spot r place. However, Steve said it was “not easy” to make an appointment online in the early stages, and he was worried that the car inspection would take a long time. He hoped the government would consider increasing the number of car inspection companies and expedite the procedures.

Steve: “There was no quota in Luohu District early in the morning, so it’s difficult to book here first”

Steve and the reporter took a taxi from Futian Port for an hour to arrive at the Baoan Vehicle Control Office where the documents were processed. When asked why he chose this more remote location over the offices in Futian District and Luohu District, which are closer to Hong Kong, Steve smiled helplessly and said bluntly, “I don’t even want to go so far, but Luohu District is so popular. There are no quotas already, so I managed to book here first.”

Steve had registered his personal information and made an appointment for the application time on the WeChat official account of “Shenzhen Traffic Police” before leaving. Upon his arrival, he had to swipe his hometown card before entering the vehicle control office, and then took about 15 minutes to complete the photo-taking and medical examination. He pointed out that taking ID photos is similar to the self-service cameras in some subway stations in Hong Kong, but is much cheaper. 12 ID photos only cost 10 yuan. The physical examination is also completed in the AI ​​self-service physical examination service machine, which will check hearing, vision, trunk and height.

Steve, who needs to wear glasses, said after completing the physical examination that he had difficulty recognizing the bottom line of the letters during the vision test; the hearing test went well, “like listening to a computer”, there is a drum next to the left and right ear, and he heard the sound Give a hint; finally, it is necessary to scan and take detection pictures of torso, left and right faces, limbs, and ten fingers, and the operation is just as simple.

It is worth noting that the mainland requires drivers to be free of red-green color blindness, while Hong Kong has no such requirement, so Hong Kong residents must read the card color to specify the color. After the self-service physical examination is completed, scan the QR code on the screen, and then pay 45 yuan via WeChat or Alipay, and you can get the physical examination report in 5 minutes. Steve can’t use electronic payment because he hasn’t opened a bank account on the mainland, so he needs to ask his friends who are present for help to pay for it.

Steve then prepared the original documents including Hong Kong driver’s license, Hong Kong resident ID card and home return permit, went to the counter on the other side, and signed the “Instructions for Applying for Motor Vehicle Driving License for Permanent Residents who holds a full Hong Kong Driver’s License” and “Provide After the staff checks the Personal Data Consent Form, RMB 490 is paid electronically. After waiting for about 20 minutes, a mainland driver’s license can be obtained on the spot.

Steve said that since doing business need a shuttle between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, the biggest advantage of “Hong Kong Railway Northbound” is that it can arrange working hours flexibly. When necessary, there is no need to change the schedule of high-railway trains fast or go around in circles to queue up at the port to pass the border. He went on to say that to apply for a mainland driver’s license, you must go to the mainland in person and make an appointment in advance through the official WeChat website The applicant must first have a mainland phone number, and then pass identity verification and face recognition. You can make an appointment, but if you don’t have a phone number and WeChat, you need to register first, and the appointment system is not as easy to log in as imagined, so it has caused some difficulties.

Steve mentioned that the next step is to complete the insurance work and car inspection He thinks the problem with insurance is not a big problem. You can add money to the insurance policy of the existing vehicle, but the car inspection is more difficult , because currently only one designated car dealer can be inspected in Hong Kong. The car takes a long time to wait. He reminded citizens who have the same needs to plan as soon as possible and prepare complete materials. He also hopes that the authorities can set up a branch outside Luohu Port, so that Hong Kong people do not need to go to the mainland to go through the procedures in person, and increase the number of car inspection companies to speed up’ the process.

Reporter Xie Zongying

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