Hong Kong Supermodel Lok Lai Confirms Divorce from Second Husband: It May Be a Matter of Time

**Supermodel Lok Lai Confirms Divorce at Event: An Amicable Split**

Hong Kong supermodel Lok Lai made her first public statement about her divorce from second husband Ian Chu (American businessman Zhu Zhihao) at an event on September 10. Refusing to single out blame or delve into specifics, Lok Lai stated that sometimes couples simply grow apart and that time apart may have been the inevitable conclusion for them. Despite the end of their marriage, Lok Lai emphasized maintaining a genial relationship with her ex-husband, stating, “We’ve been friends for two decades, and that won’t change. While we may no longer be romantically involved, we are committed to co-parenting our son.”

A key takeaway from the announcement was that there was no third party involved in the separation between Lok Lai and Zhu Zhihao. Both parties simply realized that they needed space. Moving forward, they intend to raise their son together.

Reflecting on the emotional impact of divorce, Lok Lai admitted to initial unhappiness but expressed that, as time went on, her mood began to fluctuate and she gradually adapted to living as a single woman. She even cited the three-year-long pandemic period as a time of personal contentment and gratitude. When asked about the effect on their son, Lok Lai revealed that he was too young to comprehend the concept of divorce fully. She planned to stress to him that their separation was solely based on living arrangements and that communication through advanced technology, such as video calls, would ensure constant connection.

While Lok Lai admitted that she is currently not considering entering into a new romantic relationship, she left open the possibility for the future, stating, “For now, it’s not something I’ve thought about, so I can’t say… I’ll let things unfold naturally.”

This is Lok Lai’s second divorce, having previously been married to music king Liming before finding love with American businessman Ian Chu. In 2005, Lok Lai and Liming secretly tied the knot. After publicly announcing their wedding in the Maldives in 2008, they divorced just four years later. During a mainland variety show interview years ago, Liming claimed that Lok Lai initiated the divorce, leaving no room for reconciliation.

Following her split from Liming, Lok Lai resumed her modeling career in Hong Kong and eventually fell in love with longtime friend Zhu Zhihao. They wed in the United States in 2017 and welcomed a son in 2019. Zhu Zhihao, like Lok Lai, had experienced a failed marriage without any children from his previous union.

News of Lok Lai’s recent divorce first emerged in February when she posted a photo on a social media platform, featuring her sharing a kiss with her son and captioning it, “Time is precious when you are together.” The term “co-parent” most commonly refers to joint custody arrangements between separated or divorced couples. Media outlets subsequently speculated on her reported divorce, which was ultimately confirmed by her appearance at the recent event.

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On September 10, Hong Kong supermodel Lok Lai attended an event and confirmed to the media for the first time that she has divorced her second husband Ian Chu (American businessman Zhu Zhihao).

When asked by the media about the reason for separating the two during the incident, Le Jier said: “I don’t think we should say who is right or wrong, or what they have done. Sometimes the two are not together, and it may be a matter of time.” Regarding the relationship between the two, she emphasized to the media that she still maintains a friendly relationship with her ex-husband Zhu Zhihao, “We have known each other for 20 years and have been friends since then. We we will cut contact due to divorce. We are not lovers now, but we have to co-parent.” son.”

It can be seen that there was no third party in the separation of Le Jier and Zhu Zhihao, but they are losing time. The son will be raised by two people in the future.

Regarding the psychological impact of divorce on herself, Le Jier said that she was indeed unhappy in the early days, but as time passed, her mood became different every day, and she gradually got used to being single. . “After three years of epidemic, I am very happy.” Be grateful for everything you have, and you won’t be bothered by divorce.” When asked about custody of her son, Le Jier said her son is too young to understand the meaning of divorce, and she won’t explain it to him in specific. “I would stress to him that it’s not the fact that you don’t have parents, it’s just that we don’t live together now. If you miss your parents, you can call each other. These days, technology is advanced and you can video chat at any time, so there’s no big problem.”

Having gone through two marriages, Le Jier said she wouldn’t consider falling in love for now, but when asked if she still yearns for love, she responded: “I haven’t thought about it for now , so I don’t know … let it take its course.” “

Le Jier has been married twice, one to music king Liming, and the other to American businessman, Ian.

It is reported that Lok Jier and Liming fell in love and got married secretly in 2005. In 2008, the two held a wedding in the Maldives and officially announced their divorce in 2012. Their marriage lasted only four years. Many years ago, during an interview on a mainland variety show, Lai Ming suggested that her divorce with Lok Jier was initiated by Lok Jier and there was no room for improvement.

After leaving Lai Lai, Lok Jier continued to work as a model in Hong Kong and fell in love with her friend Zhu Zhihao, whom she had known for many years. In 2017, Le Jier held a wedding in the United States to marry Zhu Zhihao, and gave birth to a son in 2019. The marriage of Zhu Zhihao’s ex-husband also failed, and like Le Jier, he had no children in his first marriage.

The first time news of Le Jier’s divorce came to the outside world was in February this year Le Jier posted a picture of her kissing her son on a social platform with the text “Time is precious when you are together riant”, co-Parent is translated as “joint custody” and is mainly used when couples have separated or divorced. At that time, the media speculated that she had divorced Lan. Her presence at the event this time confirmed this suspicion.

Original title: Le Jier attended an event and confirmed that she is divorced: it may be a matter of time

Editor in charge: Li Xiaoling

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