Hong Kong’s Digital TV Transmits to New Transmission Frequency Some Residents Need to Re-search Channels-Hong

Six local digital TV broadcasting stations have switched to the new 500 MHz frequency band for broadcasting today. If individual households are unable to watch the broadcasting station, they need to search for their digital TV receiving equipment again.

The six programs are Jade 81 of TV Broadcasting Co., Ltd., ViuTVsix 96 and ViuTV 99 of Hong Kong Television Entertainment Co., Ltd., and RTHK 31, RTHK TV 32 and RTHK 33 of RTHK. Other digital TV programs (ie 76, 77, 82, 83, 84 and 85) will not be affected.

At present, most of the residents of multi-storey buildings using public antenna systems in Hong Kong have completed system adjustments. If individual residents cannot watch any of the above six affected channels, they can check with the property management company about the adjustment of the building’s public antenna system. If the system has not been adjusted, it should be dealt with as soon as possible, otherwise the residents will not be able to receive the relevant program stations. As for households who use their own antennas, including those living in village houses, bungalows, and tenement houses, they only need to search for their digital TV receiving equipment to continue watching.

For information on rescanning channels, please refer to the link:

Source: Communications Authority

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