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Hong Seong-heon, hot in his wife’s wardrobe… “Our sweetheart has a lot of naughty things, swimsuit art”

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tvN STORY entertainment program ‘Cave Castle’ broadcast screen capture © News 1

Former baseball player Hong Seong-heon imagined a second honeymoon by packing his wife’s sexy swimsuit before living in a cave.

On the 23rd, tvN STORY’s entertainment program ‘Cave Castle’ showed a married couple Hong Seong-heon and Kim Jeong-im, who were gathering daily necessities before entering the cave.

On that day, Hong Seong-heon said, “First of all, you need a swimsuit,” and “I have to go and catch fish myself,” and started looking for a swimsuit with excitement.

However, his wife Kim Jung-im said, “I can’t go in because it’s cold. It seems like you don’t know the sea too much,” said Hong Seong-heon.

Hong Seong-heon, who didn’t care about his wife’s words, went into the wardrobe and looked for a swimsuit, insisting, “Our honey has a lot of naughty things. These are the things we wear when we’re in shape.”

In the meantime, Hong Seong-heon started to pull out a swimsuit and finally (?) found a hip and sexy swimsuit, and continued to excite, saying, “It’s an art”, bringing laughter.

His wife Kim Jung-im, who was watching him, eventually came along to the wardrobe and started to stop Hong Seong-heon, saying, “I’ve been to America and learned strange things, so it’s a big deal.”

Nevertheless, Hong Seong-heon said, “It’s just the two of us. No one is watching,” and brought his wife’s swimsuit, and Kim Jung-im said, “Yeah, just put it in when there are no children.”

In the end, the two even gave a high-five, saying, “Let’s enjoy life on our second honeymoon,” and showed anticipation ahead of their life in the cave, making them even more curious about their future appearance.

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