Hong Young-ki, who is about to get married after 10 years of premarital pregnancy, delivered sad news (Photo)

Milk Touch CEO Hong Young-gi reported a sudden health problem.

Below is Hong Young-gi’s Instagram

On the morning of the 15th, Hong Young-gi posted on Instagram on the morning of the 15th, “I went to the hospital yesterday because I suddenly felt sick to death, and I was told that there was an abnormal reaction in my body due to the severe level of stress.” A picture was posted along with the

In the published photo, Hong Young-gi was seen lying down in a patient uniform. At first glance, she has a thin and pale complexion and is worried.

Capture of Hong Young-ki's Instagram comment box
Capture of Hong Young-ki’s Instagram comment box

Netizens who heard the news showed reactions such as “I will pray for a speedy recovery”, “Be strong”, and “Recover quickly”.

Hong Young-ki married her boyfriend Lee Se-yong in 2012 after getting pregnant. At the time, Hong Young-ki was 21 years old, but Lee Se-yong was an 18-year-old minor, so they only registered their marriage without a wedding. Recently, Hong Young-ki drew attention with the news that the wedding will be held after 10 years of marriage.

Hong Young-gi's Instagram
Hong Young-gi’s Instagram

Hong Young-gi, who made his name as a Cyworld Ulzzang star when he was a teenager, is currently running a cosmetic brand, Milk Touch. He is actively communicating with his fans through his personal YouTube channel and Instagram.



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