Hongcheon Girls’ Middle School, ‘Bronze Medal’ in the National Youth Sports Festival Fencing Foil Team Event

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[내외뉴스통신] Reporter Won Jong-seong

The fencing team of Hongcheon Girls’ Middle School drew attention by winning a bronze medal and a trophy as shiny as a gold medal in the women’s under 16’s foil game at the 51st National Youth Athletic Competition held at Sangju Gymnasium in Gyeongbuk on May 30th.

The main character was Hongcheon Girls’ Middle School fencing team (coach Shin Woo-sook) Bang Ji-yeon, Baek Ji-young, Byun Rin-ha, and Lee Geum, who only received more attention because they had only one or two years of experience in fencing, and they were athletes from a rural school in Hongcheon with little player infrastructure.

It is even more meaningful as it is recorded as a feat of harvesting the first medal since the launch of the Hongcheon-gun Fencing Association (Chairman Hwang Kyung-wha) to support the Hongcheon-gun fencing student athletes in December 2020 in Hongcheon, a fencing barren land.

The players of the fencing team at Hongcheon Girls’ Middle School started out as a curiosity and hobby, and under the guidance of coach Shin Woo-sook, they learned practice and skills at Hongcheon Girls’ High School.

The Hongcheon-gun Fencing Association frequently provides snacks to students and visits to support them, as well as motivating them by arranging autographs and meetings with Sang-wook Oh and Jun-ho Kim of the Korean men’s saber national fencing team, who are gold medalists in the Tokyo Olympics, called ‘fencing Avengers’. have been trying

Chairman Hwang Kyung-wha said, “It seems like yesterday that I was struggling because there were no players, but thanks to the hard work of teachers, coaches and players, I won my first medal at the National Youth Sports Festival. I will support you,” he said.

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