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Honor held a new product launch conference on January 10. Zhao Ming officially announced the Magic V, Honor’s first folding screen mobile phone, which will go on sale on January 18.

In terms of appearance, the Honor Magic V adopts a left and right folding design, which can well protect the inner screen. The outer screen is designed with a hole in the top center, and the inner screen is a hole in the center on the right, which looks a little strange. Honor Magic V uses the thinnest drop-shaped hinge currently available, making the folding screen model thinner and lighter. In addition, Honor Magic V is a 3D hyperboloid glass, which is available in three color options: titanium empty silver, bright black, and burning orange (plain leather).

Zhao Ming expressed his views on the folding screen mobile phone, saying that the external screen of the folding screen has been used for a long time and cannot be succumbed to for folding. The folding screen mobile phone should become the main model for users’ daily use. Zhao Ming even directly dropped the phone twice at the press conference to show the anti-fall effect of the phone.

Honor also promotes the Honor Magic V as the thinnest folding phone. The self-developed ultra-thin water drop hinge has 213 precision parts and can support 200,000 precision openings and closings. The folded size of the phone is 160.4×72.5×14.3mm, and the unfolded size is 160.4×141.1×6.7mm, setting the current record for the thinnest inwardly folded phone.

In terms of performance, the external screen of Honor Magic V is a 21:9 6.45-inch 2560×1080 120Hz OLED single-curved external screen, with a local peak brightness of up to 1000nits, 10bit color depth, HDR10+, 100% DCI-P3 color gamut And 1920Hz high frequency PWM dimming. The surface of the screen is also covered with a layer of nano-ceramic glass, which increases the anti-drop performance of the external screen to 5 times.

The inner screen is a 7.9-inch 2272×1984 90Hz flexible OLED inner screen with a global peak brightness of 800nit, supports 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, and is covered with a new generation of magnetron nano-optical film.

Honor Magic V is equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and Honor’s first independent security storage processor that supports CC EAL5 + level, bringing users an original dual TEE security system. Remote SIM card lock and remote positioning to fully protect user data security.

In terms of shooting, Honor Magic V adopts a three-body star ring lens design, equipped with a 50MP (f/1.9) primary mirror + 50MP (f/2.2) ultra-wide-angle lens + 50MP (f/2.0) super-spectral triple-lens design, supporting the primary mirror Fusion computational photography.

In addition, the Honor Magic V is equipped with symmetrical speakers certified by IMAX ENHANCED, a large built-in 4750mAh battery, and supports 66W fast charging, which can charge 50% in 15 minutes.

In terms of price, the 12+256GB version of the Honor Magic V is 9999 yuan (about HK$12240/NT$43440), and the 12+512GB version is 10999 yuan (about HK$13500/NT$47800).


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