Hook Entertainment side “CEO Jinyoung Kwon bought Hannam Hill with the money borrowed from Lee Seunggi? Nothing at all” (formal)

CEO Kwon Jin-young Lee Seung-gi Photo = DB

Amid allegations that Hook Entertainment CEO Kwon Jin-young borrowed a large amount from Lee Seung-gi to buy Hannam The Hill, the company denied it.
An official from Hook Entertainment (hereafter referred to as Hook Enter) told MBN Star on the afternoon of the 26th, “It is completely unrelated to the purchase of Hannam The Hill and borrowing money from Lee Seung-gi.”
Previously, Ten Asia reported that Hook Entertainment borrowed a large amount from Lee Seung-gi, and during that time, CEO Kwon Jin-young bought Hannam The Hill in Hannam-dong, Seoul with full cash.
According to reports, Hook Entertainment borrowed 4.725 billion earned by Lee Seung-gi between 2014 and 2021.
Lee Seung-gi didn’t even receive interest on the 4.725 billion he earned on loan to Hook Entertainment.
In addition, Hook Enter put the 4.725 billion won by Lee Seung-gi borrowed in the ‘short-term loans’ item in the audit report. Short-term loans are loans with a repayment period of less than a year, but Lee Seung-gi got the money back in 2021, after Green Snake Media acquired Hook Entertainment.
Additionally, while Hook Entertainment borrowed money, CEO Kwon Jin-young Hannam bought The Hill.
Representative Kwon Jin-young bought the apartment in full cash and owns it until now. In other words, he made a market profit of more than 2.6 billion won.
On the other hand, doubts were raised that the settlement of music revenue that Hook Entertainment had made to Lee Seung-gi for 18 years was 0 win.
In this regard, Hook Entertainment said, “When the exclusive contract with Lee Seung-gi expired in 2021 and then signed it again, both sides confirmed the details of the settlement so far to settle the financial debt-debt relationship, and the content confirms the fact “Nevertheless, according to Lee Seung-gi’s edition, Hook Enter once again examines in detail the details of the settlement of the substantial amount of revenue that Hook Enter paid to Lee Seung-gi with experts. “
Along with this, “We want to clarify that the content of the contract between Lee Seung-gi and his agency has recently been announced through a media outlet (revenue distribution ratio, etc.) and that Hook Entertainment has never paid for Lee Seung-gi’s audio gi. the sources differ from the facts.” If there is any wrong business transaction, we will correct it and take responsibility.”
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