Hoosier dies from the EEE virus on Saturday

Hoosier dies from the EEE virus on Saturday

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COUNTY – Ind. ELKHART. Another life, the first in Indiana, was taken from the triple EEE virus.

Roger Levitz, 68 years old, was passed on Saturday after being hospitalized for weeks.

This tragic loss is the first death in Indiana from the EEE virus which has taken 10 lives in Michigan this year.

Neighbors say that Levitz was one of the perfect neighbors. Levitz was kind, confident and great outdoors – he remembers talking about the journeys he would take to fish in Michigan and how he liked being out in nature hunting and being with his family.

I spoke to Country Health Department Elkhart who said the aerial spraying they did on October 2 was successful and that the population of mosquitoes came down.

However, County Health Officer Elkhart, Lydia Mertz, says that Levitz contracted the virus in September before the spraying occurred.

Mertz warns the public to be constantly alert to mosquitoes as they can always be active until the first hard frost in the year in which temperatures fall under 32 degrees.

As usual, health professionals recommend a bug spray to wear with the active DEET ingredient, with long sleeves, with pants, and with socks to help protect your skin, as well as avoid areas of mosquitoes that may be harvested. again, until that hard frost.

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