Hope Hicks protects the accuracy of its conference evidence

Hope Hicks protects the accuracy of its conference evidence

Former communications director of White House Hope HicksHope Charlotte Hicks Hope Hicks defends the accuracy of her testimony Nadler subpoenas Lewandowski, a former White House officer for the house panel's evidence to go to court to enforce McGahn's subpoena, says Nadler MORE standing up to its evidence in June before the House Judicial Committee, rejecting the Democrats' recommendations that she said she was aware of the cash payments made to women before the 2016 election which allegedly dealt with businesses. President TrumpDonald John TrumpWarren reveals the Native American's policy plan that stimulates star 'Mulan'; the boycott action supported by Hong Kong police Don't let other countries tax the most innovative companies in America MORE t.

“She had no knowledge of Stormy Daniels' hush money payments during the campaign, and she was not involved,” wrote Hicks solicitors Robert Trout and Gloria Solomon in a long letter to the Chairman of the Judges Committee Jerrold NadlerJerrold (Jerry) Lewis NadlerHouse Democrats urges Trump to end Iraq's expulsion after the death of the diabetic man called French Officers on Epstein's links with the French National Archives: Trump, Bush can review the request of Democrats Kavanaugh MORE records (D-N.Y.) Thursday.

“The information she provided to the Committee was truly her knowledge and memories,” they wrote.

Nadler claimed that Hicks clarified his evidence on a closed door after a court filed batch in which a former Trump solicitor was present. Michael CohenMichael Dean Cohenpair defends Hicks accuracy of Gaetz conformity proofed by Florida Bar after Cohen's search tweet pleads IRS team guilty of giving Avenatti confidential information about Cohen MORE in July some of them questioned the validity of her statements.

At that time, Nadler said that there appeared to be “inconsistencies” between Hicks evidence and data from the filings that did not blow a federal judge in New York.

"As I reminded you at the beginning of your interview, there could be very serious consequences with anything other than a full candor," Nadler wrote, setting a Thursday deadline for her to respond to.

According to filing, Hicks took part in a phone call with Trump and Cohen, his long-standing lawyer, at a time when Cohen was trying to prevent the details of an alleged act with film star Stormy Daniels from being a public knowledge. . The affidavit suggested that investigators believed that the call for attempts to prevent Daniels, which Stephanie Clifford was his right name, had since emerged.

Hicks told the committee in June that she had never been "present" when Trump Daniels discussed Cohen and that she had no direct knowledge of payments made to Daniels, according to a transcript of the subsequent release.

Hicks solicitors resolutely rejected proposals that could mislead lawmakers during their testimony, claiming she was not “part of any conversations about the cash payments hush with Ms Daniels before they were reported”. . ”

Her solicitors took each point separately in Nadler's letter, and she argued that the unsealed affidavit did not show that Ms Hicks had any information during any campaign period of any arrangement with Ms Daniels.

They argued that in the affidavit is not just an incomplete and misleading picture of Ms Hicks' actions as she does not describe conversations or calls Hicks to individuals on the same date that might be a trigger for the call to Cohen.

The lawyers also write that the affidavit does not provide any information on the matter on 28 October, 2016, he called between Hicks and Cohen and declares “she does not remember the reason for that call.”

A spokesperson from the Judges 'Committee said in a statement that the panel would “assess the claims made by Ms Hicks' barrister in response to our questions and decide the next steps. This is a very serious issue as it involves the President's participation in campaign financial crimes. ”

Cohen is now serving a prison sentence for breaches of campaign finance and arising from payments made to Daniels and Playboy Karen McDougal's model during the 2016 competition, both of which allegedly engaged with Trump. While Cohen is involved with Trump in the scheme, Trump has rejected the courses and denied any wrongdoing.

The panel of judges interviewed Hicks as part of his investigation into allegations of the prevention of justice by Trump set out in a special advocate. Robert MuellerRobert (Bob) Swan MuellerTrump asks for proof of Obama's book deal Democratic disappointment with Mueller testimony Kellyanne Conway: 'I want to know'; if Mueller reads his own report MOREReport these. She gave evidence before the committee on 19 June. She answered a number of questions about her work on the campaign but the White House prevented her from answering questions about her time working in the West Wing.


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