“Horizon Forbidden Area of ​​the Western Regions” new movie showcases tribal forces in the Forbidden Area of ​​the Western Regions-Hong Kong Mobile Game Network

“Horizon Western Regions” will start on February 18th and will take Aloy to the next chapter of the story. When she crosses the border of the Western Regions, she will encounter a tribe that is both unfamiliar and familiar. From the border settlements of Carja and Oseram, to the deserted fields of Utaru in Plainsong, to the war-torn clan lands of Tenakth, new alliances and deadly enemies await her.

The film takes you to learn more about the border residents, their lands and customs, but don’t expect to know all their secrets. The only way to solve the mystery of Western taboos is to explore for yourself.

Forbidden Area of ​​the Horizon Western RegionsForbidden Area of ​​the Horizon Western Regions




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