“Horoscope” 6 zodiac signs: June, July, Virgo, Thanu, Dragon, Min 16-31 August. “Doctor” said this.

“Destiny” those born in Gemini, July, Virgo, Capricorn aMean During August 16 – September 1 “Mok Krit” Reveal that you yourself are someone who likes to help others. be kind He is a self-reliant person who does not like to bother others. When you have a problem, you tend to keep the problem to yourself. Sometimes people misunderstand you and you still don’t make excuses. You are a classy person, contemporary, smart, intelligent, independent, mouth-to-heart, what you think, speak like it, don’t lie, don’t lie, don’t create an image. but the worst Only with people who are bad for us

your disadvantage You are someone who is sometimes honest and impatient, so you miss out on opportunities. missing a good beat Many times because of my own impatience sometimes a little greedy Whoever talks a little, talks a little, still thinks indifferently. piece together stories sometimes get bored of the depression world

You are a person who talks a lot. A good article is happy. If you’re in a bad mood, you have to say it’s the worst. When dissatisfied, sometimes I keep it in my heart. Because maybe yourself having problems with life. emotional can be depressing This must be careful.

work matters this period “Mok Krit” he said that the situation will be changed and expanded for the better “Destiny”There will be an obvious migration. People who are not right for you may have reasons to move, retire, or have reasons to leave, end your lease, suddenly become ill. You can call it what the enemy star is doing now. You don’t have to do anything to it. He would definitely lose himself.

Relatives and friends who have been separated for a long time Or if we didn’t talk at all, then we will come back and have a chance to talk to each other. sends you good news about the finance job You will get to change jobs. Main job description Colleagues, team members, obstacles that have never appeared in the event that will happen with the case whether it is trading At work, a problem suddenly arises. There are pyramid people, the pyramid person is an enemy who comes in the form of a friend. Good in front but behind your back stabbing you. cause problems with work for you caused by his jealousy

“Destiny” yours during this period “Mok Krit” Remind you to be careful what you talk to anyone. Because your words will mislead others. Other people will continue to talk, talk about the message, until you get into trouble later. So don’t gossip or talk about anyone else that will cause you trouble.

financial matters During this period you will receive news of loss of profit and income, but you will also have good fortune, success, profit from sales. Speculation is in the form of assets such as land, gold, bonds, investments, but shares are strictly prohibited because they will be cheated. And more importantly, you will have money coming in to get good fortune from young people. Ask the children to write the numbers for them or possibly the age of the grandchildren. Including your grandchildren’s phone number will obviously bring you luck.

For friends and travel There will be changes regarding the location of the job. Employees, supervisors, teammates People who have been in a relationship before will have to distance themselves or may have to move away. Or you will feel that your friends can be distant from you recently if you have friends who are older than you. This person will help you in a good way. You will either be criticized by the people behind the scenes or you will be watched. This must be done carefully.

a love story If you already have a partner, whether they are married or have a boyfriend. Beware of serious conflicts Your partner or yourself may be ill. or maybe lose money Be careful during this period. As for those who are about to fall in love, there is a high chance of breaking up. As for those who are still single, they will get friends to recommend them. Or go to a meeting, there will be someone to introduce your love to know here, it’s quite right.

health During this time, we must focus on making merit associated with animal life. or help the sick Should he refrain from shooting birds, fishing, boiling shellfish, killing animals, going to buy fresh, fresh fish, let him kill there. Because you will have bad luck, get sick, and during this period it is recommended that you do not break the 5 precepts because children or old people may bother you. Maybe someone has disappeared from the house. or missing items from home Do not swim, race a boat or travel by boat dangerously. be careful

For your lucky number is 1 4 8 5

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