Horoscope for November 23, 63, which zodiac sign is patronized. In which zodiac signs are stressed, migraines are higher.


Horoscope for November 23, 63, which zodiac sign is patronized. In which zodiac signs are stressed, migraines are higher.

(Prophecies of horoscopes for all 12 zodiac signs by Astrologer column … people come with horoscopes)

Monday, November 23, 2020

Aries ascendant 14 April – 15 May
Will feel bored, sleep up late, rarely have the encouragement to go to work But still having good luck in foster care There will be an adult female. Help Facilitate work to pass smoothly. However, be careful to accidentally make office equipment. Or the device operation is accidentally damaged And have to pay to buy it to pay back

Ascendant Taurus May 16 – June 15
The work will have conflicts with the boss. But not very intense But there will be arguments about how it works that do not match. But the thing to be really careful is that money will be borrowed by your boss or co-worker. And if lending, it will get back late Or have to deceive frequently Which must not consider the other party And it could make relationships at work worse.

Ascendant Gemini, June 16 – July 16
There will be new projects coming in that are not good at. There is not much knowledge in the job. It may be necessary to reduce ego to learn jobs from younger people. Which if not a person with prejudice against the new generation Or having quarreled with a younger person has no problem. But some people who can’t reduce their ego and are prejudiced Refusing to learn from younger people will have problems at work that affect their position.

Ascendant Cancer 17 July – 16 August
Will feel bored with the same working environment If you didn’t travel outside the office, you had to set up a new desk. Or modify the landscape in the office Otherwise you will not be able to sit and work. And when walking around, a colleague is annoyed. Until there may be an argument

Ascendant Leo 17 August – 16 September
Working there will be obstacles in the difficult process. And be careful not to make mistakes in the reports, which will not be able to do it alone. But will be able to ask for help from his subordinates to help until the job is done But when the job is over, there will be a subordinate raising

Ascendant Virgo, September 17 – October 16
Will have a fortune in food The boss or an adult takes it to a party. Or customers take food Or snacks as souvenirs Which has to be careful with overeating and causing weight gain As for people with medical conditions who need to control their diet Be careful to forget to control food until causing the underlying disease to aggravate

Ascendant Libra 17 October – 16 November
Will have problems with the servants all day Because he will be poured by his subordinates Did not come to work as scheduled Or come to work and disappear Unable to run the work, while those who work without subordinates are careful to be wary of being thrown by the boss to do other people’s work. Which no matter how well you do it in the end Nobody appreciates the work, becomes tired free.

Ascendant Scorpio November 17 – December 15
Will have symptoms like the sick, tired, wake up late, and will have problems with eating Having diarrhea, diarrhea that makes it difficult to concentrate on work May be able to take another day off from work, but be careful that when returning to work tomorrow will be hit by various jobs. That he had held in so much that he couldn’t keep up

Ascendant Sagittarius December 16 – January 13
There will be more new projects and more work to be added. Even though the old project has not finished clearing yet But were forced to do it in parallel, unable to leave Because if discarded, no one will continue And may be blamed on the boss for irresponsibility Which although may feel tired at work But compensation was higher than other jobs That came all year

Ascendant Capricorn 14 January – 13 February
Must work with gold To help resolve problems for adults But when the problem is solved successfully Everyone at the event completely forgot that they had come to help. It may also be hit by a colleague to gossip. Or despise the work of another In which, if you do not pay attention to the gossip, you will not have to be afraid of being upset and then dropping off to fight with other people.

Ascendant Aquarius 14 February – 14 March
There will be old problems. Come to work from morning And may be a new case that has never happened before Which makes it necessary to learn how to fix the problem And may finish slower than usual However, the work will be successful. And receive compliments from customers or boss, including possibly an added bonus Or other additional compensation

Ascendant Pisces March 15 – April 13
Will still be tired from the long journey And feel sleepy If you have to drive yourself in the morning, you will be careful that it will fall asleep and cause an accident. Especially those who enter the first and second round of the Buddhist temple, health care must be careful, there will be a migraine headache problem. Or it may be stressful at work and start having gastritis problems.


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