Horoscope or Zodiac ascendant How are they different Which is more accurate?

Looking at the zodiac sign with the ascendant Have you ever wondered how the two are similar or different? So which one should we look at?

When reading an article, look at the pages, websites, magazines, we have to look for them. “Zodiac” Your own to read the prophecy, right? For example, people with Aries must read the prophecies of Aries, but in some texts, the prophet uses the word “Aries ascendant”. And so, Aries people must read the prophecy of “Aries Ascendant” or not?

Let’s look at the difference between these two words to get a better understanding. So that you won’t get confused when making horoscopes anymore.

What is a Zodiac Horoscope?

According to astrology, look at the eyes backwards “Zodiac” takes the position of the sun star (the sun) on the day we were born as a criterion to divide the zodiac When the sun rotates and moves about 1 degree a day, it will be about 30 degrees or 30 days (1 month) moves to the next zodiac sign. In total, it takes 12 months (1 year) to rotate all 12 zodiac signs, namely Aries, Taurus, Minion, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Moon.

For example, in Thai astrology the Sun will rotate in Aries. Around April 13 – May 13 * So anyone born during this day is considered an Aries For those born around October 17 – November 15 * is when the Sun orbits in Libra. He will be considered a Libra person, etc.

(* Note: is an approximate date Because every year the stars will move into different zodiac signs If you want to know the exact position of the star. the day-month-year of birth must be brought to tie the horoscope)

However, if it is another branch of astrology such as international astrology or even Thai astrology together that may use different calendar systems There will be a time when the sun star will be different according to different zodiac signs . So don’t be surprised that Why does the horoscope on this site say we are Aries? But looking at another horoscope page, it says we are Taurus.

In conclusion, if we see the horoscope used “Zodiac” It is a prophecy, so it can be based on our date of birth. No matter what type of calendar is used in that textbook.

What is Lakna horoscope?


the word “Uesgynnydd” or “Luck” is the location of the eastern horizon But if explained simply, the ascendant is the point of our identity. Who has to take the time to fall on the side or the time of birth to calculate the luck Know that he has an ascendant in which zodiac sign

The ascendant is very important for predicting the zodiac. If anyone goes to a fortune teller who uses the day-month-year of birth to predict the greeting, they usually have to ask for the time of birth in almost all cases. because it must be used when establishing a house of destiny to make prophecies The sign of the Zodiac in which the ascendant lives will be counted as Manu. (Personalization of destiny) and follow the world until 12 houses of destiny.

Now, if you ask Aries people Do we need an Aries Ascendant? “unnecessary” because as said “Zodiac” uses the position of the sun at the time to make predictions that the sun will be in that zodiac sign for about a month

While the ascendant rotates the zodiac approximately every 2 hours, so in 1 day, the ascendant will rotate until all 12 zodiac signs are born on the same day-month-year. But the time difference is at least 2 hours, even though the Sun is in the same sign. But there will definitely be an ascension in every zodiac sign.

for example

  • The first one was born on January 1, 2007 at 10:00 am according to the Thai astrological calendar, considered a Sagittarius. (Since today’s Sun is in Sagittarius), while the Ascendant is in Pisces. equal that this person has dominance
  • The second person born on January 1, 2007 at 8:00 pm according to the Thai astrological calendar is considered a Sagittarius. (Because today the Sun is in Sagittarius), but the Ascendant has moved to Leo. shows that this person has an ascendant

Look at Lakna or Zodiac signs, which is more accurate?

In fact, it is necessary to tell a fortune correctly. “Uesgynnydd” Because the ascendant determines the different home worlds, it can be said that Which star do we have as our personal star? or financial star Our current love star rotates in a good or bad way with our destiny. If you do not know the ascendant, you will not be able to find your personal star or different stars to predict exactly in real life.

As for the Zodiac prediction that we often come across, it is only a broad prediction, not specific to specific individuals. It is so that people who do not know their own time of birth Or have never had the luck to find the ascendant before can give a rough horoscope, which will also have a certain level of accuracy (But less than the ascendant) because the sun is considered one of the important points in the horoscope, so although it is a broad prediction, there are also some that are correct.

However, if you want a more accurate prediction, you should look at the “ascendant” mainly and then read the predictions according to the “zodiac sign” as well, it is not wrong.

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