Horror 4 Youtube Channel that I would like to recommend to follow #Halloween2022


Speaking of horror stories, how can there not be such a channel? with many people’s favorite channels that I like to listen to while typing late at night. Live shows on Saturday nights that I can’t miss. with new horror stories that people from home will call to tell you Some ghost stories are really scary. Sometimes people who encounter ghosts die unexpectedly. In some stories, people like us are many times more terrifying and cruel than ghosts. The story from overseas seems to have a good novelty fantasy. The music for the cat food commercials is very catchy. In addition to the live programme, there will be clips that the team have cut from the stories that the house has told. A playlist of regular players was created for us to follow easily. It is a channel that is one of my life that has it all.

Clips that I like and that I would like to recommend for you to watch in particular. Forbidden Land • Khun Kok , “Boy Scout Camp” Khun Mee , What I Found | Khun Ball , One Application • Ms Jane (New Zealand)


This article was written from my choices only. And the channels I have presented here are just a few of them on youtube. If there is any mistake, I apologize. Hello and thank you all for reading this line. thank you very much

Cover image credit from the Pixabay website by KELLEPICS.

YOUTUBE credit clip

Clip from Haunt Diary : Clip 1 / Clip 2 / Clip 3 / Clip 4

Clip of trouble before bed: Clip 1 / Clip 2 / Clip 3 / Clip 4

Clip by Aintai, ghosts are real. If you don’t believe, don’t disrespect.: Clip 1 / Clip 2 / Clip 3 / Clip 4

Clip from TheghostradioOfficial: Clip 1 / Clip 2 / Clip 3 / Clip 4

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