Hospital oxygen tank leaks in India

Foreign news agencies reported. India’s Maharashtra State Health Ministry announced on Wednesday the case of Zagil Hussein Hospital in Nashik, Maharashtra. An oxygen leak The oxygen is leaking during the oxygen tank filling. Resulting in COVID-19 patients Who are being treated at hospitals, many have to use artificial respirators And 22 people died.

At the same time, the Delhi hospital said there was enough oxygen left over eight patients in the past 24 hours. While some private hospitals only have enough oxygen left for 4-5 patients.

From the COVID-19 situation And lack of oxygen Making relatives of COVID-19 patients Has robbed the oxygen tank from the oxygen chamber of One hospital in the state of Madhya Pradesh In order to bring it to their infected relatives

While hospital staff said that these relatives invaded the oxygen tanks as soon as the oxygen tank trucks arrived at the hospital, regardless of the lack of the hospital, the hospital had to increase the security. To prevent that from happening again


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