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□ On November 24 (Thursday), Korea Aerospace Industries Co., Ltd. held which is located in Sacheon, Gyeongsangnam-do 2022 Defense Export Strategy Meeting held by President Yoon Seok-yeol.
The meeting was attended by government officials involved in the defense industry, such as Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Lee Chang-yang, Vice Minister of National Defense Shin Beom-cheol, and Defense Acquisition Program Administrator Eom Dong-hwan, chiefs of staff from the Army, Navy and Air Force, chiefs of the Marine Corps, and representatives of 60 defense industry companies.
The reason why all key positions in government, military and industry participated in this meeting was that the private sector, government, and the military put their heads together under the strong will of the President to nurture the industry defense as a high-tech strategy. an industry that will lead national security and the economy It is to discuss measures to move forward as a strong country in terms of defense industry exports.

Today’s meeting is the first joint public-private-military meeting held by the President to prepare strategies for expanding defense industry exports.
The Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy announced policies to establish a virtuous cycle structure for expanding the export of the military’s high-tech defense and power construction industry, and to make the defense industry a strategic export industry.

□ Vice Minister of National Defense Shin Beom-cheol emphasized that expanding the defense industry’s exports will strengthen the industry’s technology and base, ultimately creating a virtuous circle that contributes to the building of superior military power.’ A strategy and 4 key initiatives were presented.
① In order to drive the expansion of defense industry exports with the strong will of the government, we will strengthen the export support system at the government level.
② In addition, the military will take the lead in after-sales so that purchasing countries can be satisfied with the quality of our weapon systems.
③ We will strengthen the foundation of the defense industry by creating a challenging defense research and development environment for the sustainable development of defense exports.
④ Finally, we will continue to ensure the ability to develop excellent weapons systems with international competitiveness.
⑤ Through these four key tasks, we will exceed 5% of the global defense export share by 2027 and become one of the top 4 defense exporters in the world.

□ Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Lee Chang-yang expressed his strong will to develop a future growth industry by combining our strong manufacturing competitiveness and excellent industrial portfolio with new market opportunities in the defense industry.. Five key initiatives were announced.
① In order to strengthen the competitiveness of the defense industry ecosystem, the technology development of 40 core materials and parts, including carbon composite materials* is promoted, and an annual investment of KRW 50 billion is made in the fields of machinery/aviation, materials/parts/equipment, etc. to foster a workforce, the core of the ecosystem We will promote the training of about 3,300 human resources by injecting a budget, and intend to strengthen international technological cooperation, such as attracting research and development centers of high-tech foreign companies. in Korea.
② It is decided to invest more than 1 trillion won in civil-military technology cooperation by 2027 to vigorously promote innovative research and development, such as transferring defense technology to the private sector, grafting innovative technology to the defense sector, and developing technology for civil and military use.
③ Given the fact that defense industry exports have a strong nature of cooperation between countries (G2G), based on the demand for industrial cooperation in the target country, we will strengthen adaptation strategies to link the defense industry with other industries such as energy , ICT , and automobiles to other industries He announced that he would use it as an opportunity to enter the market, develop export strategies by exporting a full cycle system that combines the export of finished products for the defense industry with technology transfer, localization and maintenance of services, and expanding opportunities for Korean companies to participate in the supply chain from exporting countries.
④ To significantly expand the support infrastructure of the defense industry, support customized export financing for small and medium enterprises, strengthen the provision of local market information through the KOTRA digital trade information platform, etc. It is an implementation policy a comprehensive corporate support system by expanding local support centers such as 30 locations per year) and strengthening the functions of the Defense Materials Trade Support Centre.
⑤ In order to stimulate the capabilities of all ministries and the private sector to expand defense industry exports, the cross-governmental defense industry development council will be implemented and a communication system between the government and companies will be implemented. · It was announced that it would establish a basic plan for military technology cooperation projects (’23-’27).

□ After the announcement, President Yoon listened to the opinions of various defense industry officials on the expansion and development of defense industry exports, and discussions were held among the participants in a free atmosphere.
Defense companies presented various opinions, such as forming a private/government/military One Team to expand defense industry exports, strengthen government defense research and development, and establish a control tower.

□ The Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Industry will continue to listen closely to the voices of the field and do our best to step forward as one of the 4 best defense exporters in the world. < 끝 >

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