Hot cue!! Paknam Pork, Crushed Brown, 4 frames in a row, upside down, 8 people win the British Open

TrueVisions is set to stream live tonight’s British Open snooker, at one o’clock “Moo Paknam” Noppon Saengkham will compete in the quarter-finals against Jamie Jones from Wales after the young Thai goalkeeper moved forward by defeating Jordan Brown, losing 4-0 frames

a snooker battle British Open 2022 at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keys, England on Thursday evening, September 29. This is the final round of the 16 competition. The system is 4 in 7 frames, which has the Thai cue to reach this round. “Moo Paknam” Nopphon Saengkham Hand 38 from the world meet Jordan Brown World number 22 from Northern Ireland

The results of the competition showed that Paknam pigs queued up very hot. is the one who won 4 frames in a row 120-1, 56-7, 64-35 and 119-0 through to the final 8 to meet Jamie Jones World number 29 from Wales Who qualified by defeating Ben Woollaston, the home man’s cue frame 4-2.

For the 8th round of the British Open Championship, the competition will be held on Friday, September 30, 2022, with the match between Mu Paknam and Jamie Jones taking place at around 1.00 am Follow the live broadcast on the channel. True Sports 3 , True Sports 7

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