Hot cue!! Pigs, estuary, lose Estonia Passing the first round, took a shot-out cue.

“Moo Paknam” Nopphon Saengkham continued to show fierce form, overwhelmingly beating Estonian competitor Andres Petrov 113-4 through the first round of the 2023 Snooker Shootout battle.

Snooker Shooting Battle 2023 In Leicester, England, winning a total of 171,000 pounds (about 6.8 million baht) on Thursday, January 26, is the first round of the competition. This snooker program competes in one frame. And there is a time limit for each stick as well

“Moo Pak Nam” Nopphon Saengkham The young queer Thai 32nd hand in the world, who just reached the semi-finals of the World Grand Prix last week, competed in the first round of 128 people. Andres Petrov World No. 101 from Estonia. The results show that the pigs started to lead 33-0.

Petrov then scored 4-33 before missing the green hole in the middle, giving the pigs a chance to hit the brakes for a long 80 points, closing the game beautifully 113-4, successfully qualifying for the second round.

Nopphon is the second queer Thai to win in the first round then “F-1” Thepchaiya One-Noo beat Ian Martin 42-23 on Wednesday night. Which, after finishing the first round, each pair So, there will be another draw for the pair in round 2, then you will know who the next opponent is.

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