Hot Stock: Japan Post Bank plunges sharply, Japan Post Holdings 6% very cheaply sells Japan Post stocks | Reuters

[TOKYO (Reuters)]- Japan Post Bank has fallen sharply and is down 6.1%. As of 9:25 am, it was the second-biggest drop in the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s primary market. Japan Post Bank stocks hit a record high since last year on the previous day. “Perhaps investors assumed there would be talk of a sale eventually,” he said.

According to Reuters on the evening of the 21st, multiple sources familiar with the matter said that Japan Post Holdings Co, Ltd is in the process of coordinating the sale of its shares, assuming that it will be sold by the end of the financial year It was said that there is sexuality.

On the 22nd, Japan Post Holdings responded to a Reuters report that it was preparing to sell the bank’s shares, saying, “We are considering various options from a capital policy perspective, but we will decide whether to implement the project, its scale and ‘i There is no fact that I did that,” he commented.


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