Hot Topic Alert: Eyewitness Account of ‘I’m Solo’ Class 16’s Youngja and Sangcheol in an Online Community

Eyewitness Account of the 16th Cast of ‘I’m Solo’ Sparks Online Discussion

Recently, the eyewitness account of the 16th cast of the popular show ‘I’m Solo’ has been generating a lot of buzz among online communities. On the 23rd, an individual shared their encounter with some of the cast members on an online cafe, stating that they had seen Nasol, a pseudonym for Youngsu, Youngcheol, and Sangcheol, enjoying drinks on Apgujeong Rodeo Street.

When asked about Youngja’s appearance, the witness replied that she looked exactly the same as she does on TV. Similarly, when questioned about Young-su’s looks, they described him as good-looking, although a bit flashy with a strong presence.

Recognizable Cast Draws Attention in Public

It was revealed that many passersby recognized the cast members since they were seated at an outdoor terrace of a bar in Apgujeong Rodeo. Subsequently, various photos taken by onlookers as well as verification pictures with the cast were shared on Instagram. The images captured Sangcheol and Youngja sitting side by side, while Youngcheol and Youngsu were seated separately. According to the eyewitness photos, it appears that they switched places at some point, with Youngja ending up next to Sangcheol.

In a separate photo taken by another eyewitness, only Sangcheol and Youngja were seen waiting for a taxi, without Youngcheol and Youngsu.

Mixed Reactions from Netizens

The photos stirred mixed opinions among netizens. Some believed that Sangcheol and Youngja were the ultimate couple, while others argued that a taxi ride does not automatically make them a couple.

Meanwhile, Sangcheol, who currently resides in the United States, recently visited Korea. His trip is expected to last for approximately three weeks before he returns to the United States. To commemorate Sangcheol’s visit, the 16th male cast of ‘I’m Solo’ gathered together and strengthened their friendship as a group.

The 16th Male Cast of ‘I’m Solo’ Unites in a Heartwarming Group Photo

On the 24th, Youngsu shared a photo on his Instagram featuring all five male contestants, expressing his hope that they could be “that kind of person” for each other through their unwavering friendship. Although Gwangsu was unable to attend due to personal commitments, Youngsu showed his support by tagging Gwangsu’s Instagram account in every photo he posted.

A Love Triangle Emerges in the 16th Season

In the ongoing 16th season of ‘I’m Solo’, the relationship between Sangcheol and Youngsook has caught viewers’ attention. However, complications arise as Sangcheol was also dating Youngja in the previous episode, leading to the emergence of a love triangle.

Additionally, hints of a romantic connection between Youngsook and Sangcheol have surfaced through test photos shared on their respective Instagram accounts. The undeniable chemistry between the two continues to unfold on ENA/SBS PLUS’ ‘I’m Solo’, airing every Wednesday at 10:30 PM.

Overall, the eyewitness account and subsequent online discussions highlight the intrigue and excitement surrounding the 16th cast of ‘I’m Solo’.

0’I’m Solo’ class 16 Youngja and Sangcheol / online community below

The eyewitness account of the 16th cast of ‘I’m Solo’ became a hot topic.

On the 23rd, an eyewitness account was posted on an online cafe saying, ‘I saw Nasol in real life this time.’ The writer said, “Youngsu (pseudonyms) Youngcheol and Sangcheol and Youngja are drinking on Apgujeong Rodeo Street. Youngsu stands out, and the rest is the same as on TV.”

When asked if Young-ja was pretty, she replied, “It’s the same as on TV,” and when asked if Young-su was good-looking, she replied, “He’s good-looking. He a bit flashy, but it has power.”


They also explained that most citizens who passed by recognized them because they were sitting at a table on the outdoor terrace of a bar in Apgujeong Rodeo.

Subsequently, photos taken by onlookers of the cast sitting on the outdoor terrace and verification photos taken with them were posted on Instagram. On the outdoor terrace, Sangcheol and Youngja sat side by side, and Yeongcheol and Youngsu sat away from them. According to eyewitness photos, it seems that they switched places once, and this time, Youngja was next to Sangcheol.

In particular, in another eyewitness photo, only Sang-cheol and Yeong-ja were seen waiting for a taxi without Yeong-cheol and Yeong-su.


Netizens who saw the photos had mixed opinions, such as “Young-ja and Sang-cheol are the ultimate couple,” and “You can’t call them a couple just because they took a taxi once.”

Meanwhile, Sang-cheol, who lives in the United States, recently came to Korea. It has been reported that he plans to stay in Korea for about three weeks and then go back to the United States. To commemorate Sang-cheol’s entry into the country, the 16th male cast of ‘I’m Solo’ gathered together as a group and strengthened their friendship.

0’I’m Solo’ 16th male cast meeting / class 16 Youngsu’s Instagram

On the 24th, Youngsu posted a photo of the five male contestants together on his Instagram, saying, “I hope we can become ‘that kind of person’ for each other through unchanging friendship.” Gwangsu couldn’t attend this event due to his personal schedule, but Youngsu showed his friendship by tagging Gwangsu’s Instagram account in every photo.

The relationship between Sang-cheol and Young-sook seemed obvious in the 16th season of ‘I’m Solo’ revealed so far, but since Sang-cheol was also dating Young-ja in the last broadcast, a love triangle began. to appear

The possibility of the two people being a couple has also been mentioned through test photos posted on Youngsook and Sangcheol’s Instagram. Their relationship, which cannot be silenced until the end, can be seen on ENA/SBS PLUS’ ‘I’m Solo’, which airs every Wednesday at 10:30 PM.

016th Sangcheol and Youngsook / ENA·SBS PLUS ‘I’m Solo’
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