Hot Toys Launches 1:6 Scale Collectible Figure of Supergirl from “The Flash”

Hot Toys Unveils Stunning Supergirl 1:6 Scale Collectible Figure

Hot Toys, a leading collectible doll manufacturer, has launched an impressive 1:6 scale collectible figure of Supergirl from the hit film “The Flash.” The movie has garnered significant attention with its surprise return of Michael Keaton as Batman and the introduction of new characters from the Justice League.

In support of the film’s release, Hot Toys not only hosted a “Flash: Flash” themed exhibition at the Taikoo Shing Center but also unveiled collectible figures of the main characters including Flash, Batman (modern suit version), and Batbike. Now, fans can add Supergirl to their collection in an incredibly detailed 28.5cm tall doll.

Known by her civilian name Carla Zor-El, Supergirl shares Superman’s extraordinary powers such as super strength, healing factor, indecency, super hearing, and flight. In “The Flash,” she forms a powerful alliance with the Flash Barry Allen and Batman to face off against the villain General Zod, showcasing an unforgettable performance.

Hot Toys meticulously crafted this collectible doll to replicate the likeness of actress Sasha Calle, who portrayed Supergirl in the film. With over 28 movable joints, fans can pose the doll in various action-packed scenes as seen in the movie.

The battle suit design drew inspiration from the original movie costume, featuring an embossed detail on the face and the iconic red and blue color scheme synonymous with Supergirl. The doll’s red cape is made from elastic and weighted fabric to ensure a realistic fit and appearance.

Careful attention was given to the head sculpt, capturing the contour of Sasha Calle’s face and Supergirl’s signature short black hairstyle. The doll comes with multiple pairs of interchangeable hands and a stand adorned with the “S” logo and LED lighting effect for enhanced visual appeal.

Key features of “The Flash” Supergirl 1:6 Scale Collectible Figure include:

– Faithful and detailed portrayal of Sasha Calle’s Supergirl
– Realistic head sculpt with movable eyeballs
– Lifelike skin texture with intricate hair detailing
– Stands at approximately 28.5cm tall
– Highly articulated body with meticulous body proportions
– Six pairs of interchangeable gloved hands including fists, relaxed palms, and splayed hands
– Each head sculpt meticulously hand-painted

The collectible doll comes dressed in an exquisite red and blue Supergirl battle suit, complete with a flexible shawl. A specially designed stand with an LED lighting function, powered by USB, adds an extra touch of flair to the display.

Don’t miss your chance to own this incredible Supergirl 1:6 Scale Collectible Figure from Hot Toys. Product number: MMS71.

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Original title: Hot Toys launches Supergirl 1:6 scale collectible figure

The giant DC superhero “The Flash” has been officially released a few days ago and has gained a reputation! The film not only has the surprise return of Michael Keaton’s version of Batman, but also several members of the Justice League, bringing a new character to the audience-Supergirl. Hot Toys fully supports the release of the movie. In addition to holding a “Flash: Flash” themed exhibition at the Taikoo Shing Center, it also released the main characters of the movie Flash, Batman (modern version of the suit), and Batman scale 1:6 collectors The 1:6 scale collectors of Ou and Batbike are now launching the 1:6 scale collectible doll of Supergirl who appeared in the movie!

“Supergirl” whose real name is Carla Zor-El, is Superman’s cousin, with super power, healing factor, indecency, super hearing, ability to fly, etc., this time she made an impressive debut in the movie “The Flash”; in the film, she With the help of the Flash Barry Allen, she regained her confidence in human beings, she joined the two Flashes and Batman to fight against the villain General Zod, and his performance was beyond everyone’s imagination!

Hot Toys has created a new doll with a height of about 28.5cm and more than 28 movable joints, referring to the body proportions and composition of the actor Sasha Calle (Sasha Calle), who made a stunning appearance in “The Flash”. body restores the slim figure of Supergirl and has high movable joints to present many great fight scenes in the film.

As for the design of the battle suit, Hot Toys refers to the texture and texture of the original movie costume to create a whole set of red and blue that matches the supergirl bodysuit with embossed details on the face, and also restores the classic Superman ” S” on the chest sign! And his iconic red cloak is made of more elastic and weighted fabric, attached to the battle suit at the neck position, showing a natural fit and drape.

When designing the head sculpt, the contour of the face of the actor Sasha Calle (Sasha Calle) and the cool short black hairstyle of Supergirl are restored very carefully, in order to capture the essence of the serious expression of Supergirl Kara Zor-El.

The doll has multiple pairs of interchangeable hands, and a doll stand decorated with the “S” logo and LED lighting effect, which greatly improves the clarity of the visual effect!

“The Flash” Supergirl 1:6 Scale Collectible Figure Features:

– Based on the movie “The Flash”, it faithfully and in detail restores the appearance of Supergirl played by Sasha Calle

-1 real head sculpt similar to new sculpt height with movable eyeballs (Separate Rolling Eyeball System)

-A realistic painting technique to draw attention to the texture of his skin

– Fine sculpting of the hair texture

– about 28.5cm high

– New detailed sculpt with up to 28 movable joint bodies

– Correctly restore the body proportions of the characters in the film

-6 pairs of refillable gloved hands including:

-1 pair of fists

-1 pair of relaxed palms

– A pair of palm trees

-Each head sculpt is hand painted

Clothing style:

-1 set of red and blue supergirl battle suits with shawls (includes bendable iron wires)


-The specially designed stand is printed with the Supergirl logo and has a LED lighting function (red light, requires USB power supply)

Product number: MMS71

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