Hot weather: 240% more rain; It changed the course of the jet stream, and the great flood for the last century!

As the dark clouds roll in the sky, fear has been rumbling in the struggles of the people of Pakistan for many days. Although the two and a half months of continuous rain has subsided, the rain continues. Tens of thousands are walking through the water looking for a place to lay their heads, having lost everything and clinging to life. There is only emptiness in their eyes. Pakistan is not an isolated event. Different parts of the world are experiencing the severe effects of climate change. Severe drought and heat waves are hitting European countries. Pakistan is currently facing the worst floods in its history. A third of the country is in the grip of floods. This villain has been in the constant rain for the past two and a half months. The scale of the disaster was increased by the fact that around three and a half crore people had to leave their homes and thousands were killed in the floods. Researchers believe that climate change is behind the floods. What is the real reason behind the floods in Pakistan? Kusat Radar Research Center scientist, Dr. M. G Manoj Manorama talks to Premaya online.

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