“Hotel + Movie” “Changjin Lake” became the box office champion in Chinese film history, and Chaumet’s joint marketing achieved the best record in – China Travel Industry Reference

[“酒店+电影”《长津湖》成中国影史票房冠军, 尚美联合营销创历史最好成绩_凤凰网] [“酒店+电影”《长津湖》成中国影史票房冠军, 尚美联合营销创历史最好成绩_凤凰网] To say that this year’s box office dark horse is undoubtedly “Changjin Lake”. Those scenes of tearful and exciting scenes restored the tragedy of the war at the beginning, and it is precisely with the loveliest people at the beginning that we have the current stable life. In this year’s National Day file, “Changjin Lake” has set off a wave of movie watching craze, which once again ignited the spirit of ice sculpture and made the spirit of the younger generations that can build a country by self-improvement, which affects the continuation of Chinese civilization from generation to generation. After going abroad, “Changjin Lake” reached the top in film history. After winning the domestic box office, “Changjin Lake” was released in the United States and Canada on November 19, and in Australia on December 2. In addition, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Malaysia have also confirmed the introduction. According to the data of Maoyan Professional Edition, as of 16:43 on November 24th, Beijing time, the movie “Changjin Lake” with pre-sale box office has exceeded 5.694 billion, topping the box office list of Chinese film history. On the long-term box office list of American Hollywood movies, a Chinese war-themed film “Changjin Lake” has emerged, becoming the number one in the global box office in 2021, successfully attracting widespread international attention. △Source: Maoyan Professional Edition “China Movie Box Office General List” When “Changjin Lake” jumped to the top of the 2021 global box office list, overseas media commented on “Changjin Lake”…


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