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Original title: HOTTOYS Marvel Thor 4 Love and Thunder Valkyrie 1/6 Action Figure

Marvel Studios’ 2022 blockbuster “Thor 4: Love and Thunder” opens a new page in the “Post-Avengers” heroic world, where old love, new hatred, and comrades gather! Hot Toys has released 1:6 scale collectible figures of the main character Thor and the goddess Thor, and now launches the 1:6 scale “Thor 4: Love and Thunder” Valkyrie collectible figure!

At the end of the movie “Avengers 4: Endgame”, Valkyrie, the goddess Valkyrie, was commissioned by Thor to become the queen of Asgard. After three years, he finally appeared in “Thor 4: Love and Thunder” Appeared again. Hot Toys has refined the craftsmanship in terms of proportions and details, referring to the body proportions of the Valkyrie played by the actor Tessa Thompson in “Thor 4: Love and Thunder”, and in particular has created a 28.5cm height, extremely dedicated body movable with more than 26 movable joints. The upper body of the bronze skin doll body is designed with soft body rubber, and the movable joints are hidden to match the armored shirt with open arms. The whole set of new armor shirts are mainly in black and white, with fine tailoring and lots of details. With a blue cape on the back and a pair of sword holsters on the boots, they are all modeled after the film.

In addition, in the carving design of the head of the Valkyrie, as well as a detailed restoration of the facial features of the actor Tessa Thompson (Tessa Thompson) and the confident and brave expression in the film, at the same time, the iconic black braid. of the finely carved Valkyrie, hair styling.

In terms of accessories, in addition to attaching several pairs of palms of different shapes to replace them, there is also a face statue of a Koge stone man (which can be placed behind the head of the Valkyrie), a long sword set, two short Sword , a golden Zeus lightning bolt (with the Thunderbolt effect accessory attached), a player, and a stand appear in the Thor: Love and Thunder figure series.

“Thor 4: Love and Thunder” Valkyrie 1:6 Scale Collectible Figure Features:

-Based on the film Thor: Love and Thunder

– 1 Valkyrie is extremely similar to a real head sculpt

-As a real paint technique to emphasize the texture and composition of his skin

– Carefully sculpt the texture of the long black braided hairstyle

-About 28.5cm high

-Newly built up to 26 special movable bodies and articulated arms covered in rubber

-6 interchangeable palms including:

-1 pair of fists

-1 pair of relaxed palms

-1 pair of palms holding the weapon

– Head carvings are hand painted

Clothing style:

— 1 blue cloak

– 1 black, white and metallic silver vest armor costume accessory

– 1 silver metal hip ring

– 1 pair of black trousers

– 1 metallic silver, black belt with hip straps

– 1 pair of black boots with dagger cover


– 1 long sword with sword cover

-2 short swords


-1 golden Zeus lightning

– 1 piece lightning yellow gradient lightning effect accessory

-1 Korg Face Sculpture (can be mounted on the Valkyrie’s headrest)

-1 player

-Specially designed movie themed stage with logo and character name plate

Product number: MMS673

Official price: 1730 yuan

Estimated delivery: Q4 2024

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