Hours left for IPL; Dhoni shocks fans again | Dhoni shocks cricket fraternity

Mumbai: Dhoni has learned something from his life and has shown it through cricket – unexpected decisions can be expected from him. In the movie MS Dhoni – The Untold Story, Dhoni has shown that unpredictable quality since he boarded the train at the last minute (it may have been added to the drama of the film, though!) And now the captaincy of the Chennai Super Kings team in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

On the cricket field, too, Dhoni’s unexpected moves never went unnoticed. As a wicket-keeper, he bowled well and changed his batting order. A lot of people have fallen into the trap set by Dhoni by making unexpected changes in the field. Here is a list of experiments that began with Sreesanth handing over Misbah-ul-Haq to the 2007 Twenty20 World Cup.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s departure from Chennai’s captaincy in the IPL has once again made the same style of field where the opponent’s miscalculate through moves; Unexpected farewell, without giving anyone a hint. Dhoni’s resignation came as a shock to the fans who were waiting to see the super performance of the Chennai Super Kings under the leadership of ‘Tala’. According to team officials, it was Dhoni’s decision to give the captaincy to Ravindra Jadeja.

How many times has Mahendra Singh Dhoni surprised us with such unexpected decisions? The first of these was the unexpected resignation of the Test captaincy in December 2014. The resignation was announced during the Indian team’s tour of Australia that day. Dhoni, who came to the press conference after the draw against Australia in Melbourne in the Boxing Day Test that day, gave no indication of his resignation. Dhoni spoke to reporters for about 10 minutes that day. Shortly afterwards, the BCCI issued a statement explaining that Dhoni had resigned and that Kohli would replace him as captain.

Dhoni followed the same pattern of vacating the captaincy of the Test team and later became the captain of the ODI and Twenty20 teams. At that time, there was no indication of Dhoni’s resignation from the top BCCI leadership. Dhoni’s resignation comes shortly after the ODI squad for the series against England was announced. The BCCI announced his resignation around 9 pm.

Since then, Dhoni has shocked the cricketing world by announcing his retirement from international cricket. Dhoni’s retirement announcement came as a surprise to the cricketing world, though it was not entirely unexpected. Before the country celebrated Independence Day on August 15, 2020, at the age of 39, Dhoni unbuttoned his jersey, marking his love and farewell in a few words on an Instagram post. That announcement burned billions of fans with grief.

Following this, while the fans are eagerly waiting for another IPL season, Dhoni will also resign as the captain of the Chennai Super Kings. Even before the excitement of leading the team to the title in the 14th season of the IPL a few months back, the unexpected resignation comes as fans are waiting for the Chennai team led by Dhoni to do the same this time around. Adding to the unpredictability of his career once again, Dhoni handed over the baton to Chennai Jadeja, disappointing those who dreamed of repeating Mahendrajalam as captain even though he did not shine as a player!

English Summary: MS Dhoni shocks cricket fraternity again

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