house fire The former school principal led his wife to flee, he turned around and didn’t see it. Unfortunately, he died in the fire.

house fire The former school director led his wife to run away with grandchildren, turned around and did not see the whole house before meeting his wife, sadly extinguished in the fire. Expect a short circuit.

On February 7, 2023, Pak Phu Loei checkpoint police received a fire report. Ban Sam Yaek Pak Phu, Village No. 6, Loei-Chiang Khan Road, Mueang Subdistrict, Mueang District, is a large two-story wooden house. Found the deceased at the door, named Mrs Prachuabjit Sripuna, 68, wife of the owner.

Investigate Mr Manat Sripuna, aged 71, pensioner. A former deputy director of a school in Loei State revealed that he was at home with his wife and one grandchild while the incident happened, and at that time there was smoke coming from the back of the house. and get up quickly

At that moment, he and his wife ran out. along with carrying grandchildren Before rushing to move things and the car left the house Realize again, I haven’t seen my wife. Then the fire burned along the back. In which this house has been built for 30 years, the top is all wood.

Initially, it took officers an hour to bring the fire under control. before coordinating with probation officers in order to further investigate the true cause But it is assumed that the cause is likely to be caused by a short circuit.

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