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Housekeeper King|The washing machine shook like an earthquake for a month and the maintenance experts dismantled 3 major causes[with preventive methods]-Sky Post-Home-Home

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From time to time, the washing machine quaked abnormally. A netizen asked for help on the Internet. He pointed out that the newly purchased washing machine shook wildly when draining water, describing it as strong as an earthquake, making him helpless. Some washing machine maintenance experts pointed out that there are three main reasons for the abnormal vibration of the washing machine, including the usual washing habits.

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The netizen recently posted on the Facebook group “Home Decoration Sharing Valley”, saying that the front-mounted washing machine in his home was purchased for less than a month, but the body would vibrate violently when it was drained. It can be seen from the video that the washing machine against the wall vigorously vibrated and shook. The victim pointed out that there was only a small amount of clothes in the washing machine at the time, and the rotation speed was 800 revolutions per minute. Although there was no displacement, the vibration force on site “shocked the earthquake.”

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The victim stated that the new washing machine was installed by a master and ran with an empty machine during the trial. No abnormalities were found at the time. Unexpectedly, abnormal vibration occurred after less than one month of use. He added that the platform at the bottom of the washing machine was uneven, so he suspected that the vibration was caused by this, so he posted a post to ask other netizens.

Netizen analysis is related to uneven ground

Many netizens have left messages to analyze the reasons for this, and relieve the troubles of the victims. Some netizens believe that the vibration of the body may be related to the clothes being too light but the rotation speed is too high, but some people pointed out that the uneven floor is the main reason, and it is recommended that the victim adjust the height of the 4 feet of the washing machine. On the other hand, some netizens said that their washing machine was purchased for only about one month, and they could directly contact the agent to send a master to inspect and repair it.

The victim later added that after listening to opinions, the height of one of the feet has been re-adjusted, and the vibration situation has been greatly improved, “much better than just one foot.”

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3 major factors for the dismantling of the washing machine

Lu Bole, head of Green 3 washing machine repair company, said in an interview with the Sky Post that if the washing machine vibrates abnormally, it may shift by itself or cause the parts to loosen. The reasons are generally related to washing habits and parts problems. The following are the three major reasons. major factor:

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1. Uneven ground/unbalanced feet

If the floor is uneven or the 4 feet of the washing machine are unbalanced, the washing machine will vibrate violently during operation, and the height of the feet should be adjusted again.

2. The shock absorber is aging

Lu Bole pointed out that the shock absorber of the washing machine is a consumable item, and the shock absorber will age over a long period of time. Although it does not affect the function of the washing machine, it will make the drum buffer ineffective and cause strong vibration. As for the speed and degree of aging, it depends on the amount of use and usage habits. To extend the life of the shock absorber, avoid washing a large amount of clothes at one time, and adjust the speed according to the type of laundry to reduce the load on the shock absorber.

3. Wash large clothes with low water absorption

In addition, if washing large clothes with low water absorption, coupled with high rotation speed and a large amount of water, the drum will generate strong centrifugal force, making the shock absorber difficult to load, and the washing machine will then produce violent vibrations.

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