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How about a change to strong nectar? The star with the answer to the fan question

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Kochi, First Published Sep 13, 2021, 12:30 PM IST

AAmrita Suresh has become a playback singer through the reality show Idea Star Singer on Shanet. Amrita is now very active with the song and the activities of her music band. The actor is active on social media and interacts with the audience. Now, Amrita’s response to her fans’ questions on Instagram is getting attention.

Someone asked about the transition from the Amrita seen in Idea Star Singer to the current powerful Amrita.

Is there anything in life that you approach with fear and then consciously try to overcome that fear? To the question, Amrita replied that she was very scared of the underwater and that she overcame that fear by snoring once under duress.

singer Amrutha Suresh answer to fans for their questions

Another asked what is the advice to lead a good life. “Everyone has their own life. You do not have the permission required to post. Instead of comparing us to whose life we ​​are, do what feels right to us, ”Amrita replied.

Another question was whether the laughter on the lips was true or false, and if true, what is your happiness behind that smile. “The smile on this lips is true. That alone is true. We can not control anyone’s laughter. But don’t ask anyone to make us laugh. The smile on her face is always true, ”said Amrita.

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