“How can I sympathize”… impressions of the ‘Agency’ actors at last

[뉴스컬처 김기주 기자] The drama ‘Agency’ announced Lee Bo-young’s final counterattack, and the viewer rating rose to 13.8% in the metropolitan area, 13.1% nationwide, and a maximum of 16.1%. Continuing from last week, he again broke his own highest score and came first in the same time slot. (provided by Nielsen Korea, based on employed households)

Amid the curiosity about how Lee Bo-young’s delicate and desperate internal war will end, Lee Bo-young, Jo Seong-ha, Son Na-eun, Han Jun-woo, and Jeon Hye-jin, who have be fighting fierce battles to realize their respective wishes before the final episode on the 26th, the film ended, He expressed his feelings directly.

The main cast members of the agency. Picture = How Pictures, Drama House Studio

#. Lee Bo-young, “It was fun and happy shooting. I am very grateful for the love of many people.”

Lee Bo-young, who took the lead in the box office success ‘Agency’, creating a stir with unprecedented strong acting. “It started in June last year and all the filming ended in December,” he recalled, “filming was fun and happy.” “It was really fun to collaborate with various actors after a long time,” he said. She said she would be happy with the results regardless of the outcome because she was so happy during filming.

#. Jo Seong-ha, “I started with worries, but I gained strength thanks to the great love for my first office drama challenge.”

Jo Seong-ha, who showed soft charisma and introduced a new paradigm for the role of the villain as a competitor who fought fierce battles rather than as a ‘villain’, also expressed his gratitude to the viewers who first gave him great love. “I didn’t expect such a big love because Choi Chang-soo is a person who hates and makes me angry, but thanks to the viewers, I gained a lot of strength.” Also, he said, “This is my first office drama, and I started with worries because I was taking on a new character, but I was very comforted.” Finally, “I will continue to work hard for better works and characters. Always be healthy and always have happy days.”

#. Na-eun’s son, “From the first time we met, we had a lot of affection. I was grateful to be able to live as ‘Kang Han-na’.”

Son Na-eun, who settled into the hearts of viewers with her unique character of ‘the third generation of inconspicuous chaebols’, said, “I still don’t feel like the show is over.” She said she really liked ‘Hannah Kang’ from the first time they met. The director, the writer, the staff, the elderly and the actors all worked hard together, and I want to express my sincere thanks to the viewers who watched ‘Agency’ and sent many love.” Also, I didn’t forget the cute request, “Stay with us until the last episode.”

#. Han Jun-woo, “It was a work full of gratitude. Thank you very much for supporting the choice of Deputy Director Park.”

Han Jun-woo, who said that he films with the same ferocity as an internal war. He said he couldn’t believe the show was about to end, just like Mab Na-eun. “I thought a lot about how our story could buy the sympathy of the viewers, and how Deputy Director Park could be seen as a person who could be seen somewhere or next to me,” he said, ” It was a piece of art,” he said. In addition, he did not forget to greet the viewers who supported and cheered his innocent love, saying, “I sincerely thank those who have supported the choice of Deputy Director Park and who have been with the ‘agency’.”

#. Jeon Hye-jin, “I met the character Eun-jung and filmed more happy and pleasant on the set.”

‘Sunshine Fairy’ Jeon Hye-jin from ‘Agency’ recalled pleasant memories from the field. “Because I met the character Eun-jung, I was able to finish filming more happily and happily on set. While filming, I worked happily and happily with my seniors and colleagues.” He said he was more happy and grateful that the drama ‘Agency’ had received so much love. Finally, “Thank you for a loving ‘Agency’. I will do my best to show you a good image in the future.”

The final episode of the JTBC Saturday drama ‘Agency’ will be broadcast at 10:30pm on the 26th.

Culture News Gijoo Kim

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