How can it be torture if you don’t give it a chance..? Krishnaprabha asks..!

Actress and dancer Krishna Prabha has come forward in response to the Meedu complaints and harassment in the film industry. After asking for a chance.. he ended up in a relationship that was over.. Later the actor said that I don’t understand why he is being turned into torture for not giving him a chance.

To the words of Krishna Prabha.. I feel that some are doing it for the sake of importance for the news. The actress said cheating is converted into harassment… Sometimes they say they will give me a chance in the film. If you look at a cheat title, you won’t notice…

But if you see it as harassment, the readers will also notice.. That’s the human mentality.. The reason for many problems here is that in the first place they come to a group where they are over. Some people become friends.. and go into close relationship.. Then they say one or two things and beat each other even for small things

Krishna Prabha said that even the family members would be resented. Krishna Prabha is an actress who has played big and small roles in the Malayalam film industry… The actress who is a favorite of the small screen audience has also proven her talent in the art of dancing.

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