How can you come up? A naked couple in a 5 star hotel suite immediately opens the curtain and makes eye contact with the window cleaner

Couple suing luxury hotel Nude suites in room on floor 41. The stunt made eye contact with the worker wiping the glass outside the building. Recently, the hotel has clarified. How can you let it go?

A male customer complained to a luxury hotel in China. After he and his girlfriend were naked. Open the curtains of their 41st floor room to see the view. But instead, I had to find a shocking picture. when he saw the window cleaner staring back from outside

The male customer said he spent 1,649 yuan (about $250) to pay for a night’s stay in a luxury river view room. from a five-star hotel in China’s East Coast Zhejiang province on March 6th.

The next morning they woke up naked. Walk straight ahead and open the curtains hoping to see the view of the river in the morning. Instead, he faced a glass cleaner instead of a river. There was also the sight of the cleaning staff staring back.

From the story that happened He decided to demand that the hotel apologize. that did not inform the window cleaning time in advance Including hotel reimbursement and compensation for the emotional harm they have suffered.

After knowing what happened the hotel advised them to stay for two more days. Although the staff dealt with their complaints, however, none of the hotel managers met or spoke to them.

hotel public relations officer explain what happened They can’t set the exact window cleaning time. Due to uncontrollable factors such as the weather and the hotel not knowing what time each guest goes to bed. It could not be made public, but he added that “in the near future” they will be posting notices in the room. to remind people about cleaning windows

according to the report found The hotel sits on the 26th to 50th floor of one of the twin towers of Raffles City in Hangzhou, according to the ad. The rooms in the hotel have panoramic windows. where guests can enjoy skyline views. “Even while soaking in the bathtub.”

However, after the story was published on social media Surprisingly, only some netizens saw the plight of the couple. But most people say they feel more sorry for the window cleaners. However, this matter, the hotel should be responsible.

“I don’t know if they were shocked or not. But I’m sure the glass cleaner was shocked.”

“The window cleaner must be very embarrassed. And from where he hangs, he probably won’t be able to escape at all!”

“Guests have the right to be naked in their rooms. And they have a right to enjoy the view from the river as advertised by the hotel. The hotel should compensate the customer and the window cleaner.”