How do we follow a trail of dementia for others?

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DEMENTIA Australia has commenced the promotion of Woowookarung Ballarat Regional Park as a blue print for capacity in all communities. Work is underway in the park to create the first dementia-friendly sensory track. The national company released the first of two online videos talking to the region's dementia counselors, the Friends of the Canadian Trail and people affected by dementia on how a dementia friendly pathway. The project aims to create a safe space for people with dementia and other people with disabilities to spend time in nature, without fear of judgment, with their families. Indigenous plants will be part of the memories of smell, visual stimulation, optional multimedia elements such as songs or bird songs. "More people need to be aware of what we're doing here," says barrister Irene Clancy in the video. "It's needed and it's giving their own area to people with Alzheimer's and dementia that they can bring family and friends with." Ballarat Dementia Alliance has been successful in securing funding from the dementia-friendly dementia participation program in the community. The trail is part of a larger masterplan for users of Woowookarung Regional Park. Dementia Australia plans to visit the project taking place later this year. YOU CAN DO FOR ANY RESPONSES breaking down these old stigma in Belgrade Why do Wilma want to talk about dementia that she started soon The garda tour collects momentum for a change in mindset of dementia Are you after has taken the Courier news email field? You can register below and make sure that you are up to date with everything happening in Ballarat.

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