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How does “Door Lock” “lock” the audience with a box office breaking billions | Door Lock | Box Office | Producer_Sina Technology_Sina.com

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Original title: How does “Door Lock” “lock” the audience

As the first domestic film focusing on the safety of women living alone, “The Door Lock” broke through 100 million yuan at the box office during its first weekend of release, making it into a 100 million yuan box office club. According to the Beacon Professional Edition, as of 13:30 on November 22, the cumulative box office of “The Door Lock” has reached 131 million yuan, breaking three film history records in a row, and continues to be in the top three of the daily box office rankings. Behind the “Door Lock”, in addition to the suspense theme that drove the audience’s curiosity, it was also inseparable from the discussion on the safety of women living alone on the Internet.

“The first domestic film focusing on the safety of women living alone” is the official position announced by Buick, the director of “Door Lock”. Based on the characteristics of the suspense thriller, “The Door Lock” attracted a large number of viewers to watch offline as soon as it was released, making it one of the most popular films in the recent movie market.

After watching the movie, many audiences gave praise to the film’s conception, actors’ acting skills and suspenseful atmosphere creation. Audience Ms. Su said: “Many of the clips presented in the film are real events in daily life. The opening scene has a strong sense of horror and suspense, and the actor’s empathy ability also makes people enter the scene. After watching it, I can really experience living alone. It’s not easy for women.”

A reporter from Beijing Business Daily noticed that before it was released, “Door Lock” had frequently appeared on the hot search lists of major social platforms, and triggered discussions on the safety of women living alone across the Internet. In the opinion of film critic Song Shu, the current box office results of “The Door Lock” are closely related to the publicity of related issues in the previous period.

It can be seen from the public information that the creative team of “The Door Lock” formed a combination of old and new.

In terms of actors, “The Door Lock” is starred by Bai Baihe, Bai Ke, Fan Chengcheng and others, and Wang Zixuan, Ma Yuke, Liu Huan, and Liu Di are starring. There are both familiar actors and new faces that have gradually emerged in recent years. As for the director and producer, he chose to be produced by Five Hundred and directed by Buick.

“Five Hundred is the screenwriter and producer of “White Night Chase”, and the director of “Antique Bureau Intermediate Game” and “Sweeping Dark Storm”. He is well versed in the production of suspense and crime themes. Although Buick is still a rookie director, he is also very familiar with such themes. They have unique ideas, so the cooperation between the two is guaranteed for the quality of suspense.” Song Shu thinks.

The reason why “The Door Lock” can quickly grab the audience’s attention after its release is even more inseparable from the hot topics in the society and triggering a wider range of discussions.

“The safety of women living alone is a hot topic in recent years, but it has rarely appeared in film and television works. “Door Lock” paid attention to this problem and put it on the screen, so it was able to attract a large number of female audiences. November is a cold period in the film industry. There are few movies of the same type and a narrow range of audience options, so excellent niche movies are more likely to shine.” Xiang Kai, a young Chinese playwright and director, believes that the popularity of “The Door Lock” is a time of day. , And more humane.

Although the first weekend after the release is over, “The Door Lock” is still in the top three of the daily box office rankings. According to the Beacon Professional Edition, before the screening, the media predicted that the final box office of “The Door Lock” would be around 240 million yuan, so it seems that “The Door Lock” has achieved more than half of its goal in only three days after its release.

“A thousand people have a thousand Hamlet in their hearts. To a certain extent, although the box office is only a number, the idea of ​​this film is very good, so that more people pay attention to the safety of women living alone. And attention itself is considered an achievement.” Song Shu said.

It is worth noting that “Door Lock” is actually an imported product. It is a remake of the Korean movie of the same name in 2018, while the Korean version of “Door Lock” is a remake of the Spanish movie “When You Are Sleeping”.

“The original classic version already has a wide audience base and unique content expression. It is difficult for the reproducer to surpass this expression. For foreign works, cultural life, ideological values ​​and other aspects are very different from ours. How? It is even more difficult to adapt to the local culture on the basis of understanding the content of the original work.” Xiang Kai believes that if you want to remake, you must first broaden your horizons, broaden your mind, and truly understand the essence of the original work; at the same time, you also need to think about how to do a remake. Combining local characteristics, adapting in content and spirit.

Beijing Commercial Daily reporter Zheng Rui Zhou Yangyang


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