How does earwax happen? Samantha with screenshot; Reply to Chittibabu?

23rd Apr 2023 03:42 PM | Contemporary Malayalam Desk

ASouth Indian cinema saw the highly anticipated film Samantha flopping at the Shakunthalam box office. After that, producer Chittibabu came on the scene saying that Samantha’s career is over. Chitti Babu criticized the actor. Now the actor has come to the stage with an answer to the producer.

Samantha’s answer was without mentioning Chitibabu’s name. The actor took a screenshot of a Google search on his Instagram story. This was the answer to the question of how hair comes from the ears. Google answers that the cause of ear hair growth is the increase in testosterone levels. The post was accompanied by the hashtag ‘#IYKYK’ (If you know you know).

Chittibabu’s criticism was offensive to Samantha. It was said that the actor danced the item in ‘Pushpa’ after the divorce because he had no other way of life. They can never go back to their old ways. He accused Samantha of showing that the film is a cheap drama for promotion. the

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