How Ebola Wins by Savio Carvalho

How Ebola Wins by Savio Carvalho

Even for large-scale epidemics, the international community continued. Now available online clean water in health-care facilities.

LONDON – A year has passed since. T Yet, where is the WHO t make. It is the second largest Ebola outbreak ever recorded.

A highly effective experimental vaccine against control. Within In the first seven months of death and death injured.

Yet the failure is not the case. Even for large-scale epidemics, the international community continued. When it comes to a disease t

Consider the hygiene and water supply – the first line of defense against infection. East Africa has some of the world 's poorest clean – water facilities. Have only limited water service , that figure rises to 54%. Health-care facilities have no water service at all.

Unavailable clean water for washing plants and protective equipment, not available they become sources of disease. In the case of Ebola, such conditions as to be infected and die.

Iceberg. During outbreaks, health-care is often poorly equipped and significantly underfunded. Ebola. T

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Such large-scale catastrophes They have the potential to make a difference. And they are set to become even more common, weak governance, antimicrobial resistance, climate change, and mass migration.

Has been brought under control. Operating health-care facilities t

Fortunately, for the better. This past May, more than 160 years after and middle-income countries. ………

Now this new commitment. The WHO is a recent statement on the international community to ramp up their contributions. In more Africa short-sighted solutions. Forward-looking strategy without clean water.


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