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How has “Apple Watch Series 7” evolved? Deeper features compared to “Series 6” and “SE” | TIME & SPACE by KDDI

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“Apple Watch Series 7” released on October 15, 2021. As the model name suggests, how has the Series 7 (7th generation) Apple Watch evolved?

Let’s introduce the features of “Series 7” while comparing it with the “Apple Watch Series 6” and “Apple Watch SE” released last year.

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“Series 7” with a different “face” and further evolution

The major changes in the “Series 7” are the case and display size. This is the second time that the “face” that determines the character of the watch has changed since “Series 3”. The display was large, the outer frame of the case was thin, and the display area was large. As a result, the visibility has been improved and the operability has been dramatically improved. It has undergone a visible full model change.

The biggest topic is increasing display size

From here, let’s compare each item. First of all, about the case and display size.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the biggest topic in Series 7 is changing the case and display size. First, the case size was 44mm / 40mm for the “Series 6” and “SE”, but it increased by 1mm to 45mm / 41mm for the “Series 7”.

On the other hand, the outer frame of the case has been reduced by 40%, the display area has been expanded by 20%, and the “Series 3” has been expanded by more than 50%.

Apple Watch Series 7 size comparison

The black outer frame of the case has become much thinner, and the dial and contents are now displayed to the very limit of the display. By the way, the size of the main body has been changed, but I’m glad that the existing bands can continue to be used.

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Apple Watch Series 7 displays to the very limit of the screen

In addition, by expanding the display size, the button size on the screen has increased, greatly improving operability. A new software keyboard is available to support word prediction by AI. You can now enter text on your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 7 keyboard

Improved durability and display brightness

“Series 7” is not only a design change, but also improved durability. The front crystal that covers the display is up to 50% thicker, more than twice as strong as the “Series 6”, and has improved resistance to cracks.

In addition, the always-on Retina display is even brighter. The brightness is adjusted by raising and lowering the wrist, but even when the wrist is lowered and the brightness is low, it looks more than 70% brighter indoors than the “Series 6”.

Battery performance and waterproof performance are further improved, increasing the sense of security

Like the “Series 6” and “SE,” the “Series 7” has a maximum battery life of 18 hours on a single charge, but the charging speed is 33% faster. The charging system has been revamped, and by using the included USB-C cable that supports fast charging, the battery can be charged from 0% to 80% in about 45 minutes. For example, the charging time required to measure eight hours of sleep is only eight minutes, he said.

In addition to being the first Apple Watch to support IP6X grade dustproof performance, it continues to achieve water resistance of 50m in depth from the “Series 6” and “SE”. The impression is that it is becoming more reliable in all directions.

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Enhanced health care and workout capabilities

In the healthcare function, we will continue to support blood oxygen measurement and electrocardiogram measurement from “Series 6”. It can be said that it is encouraging from the viewpoint of non-illness to constantly monitor physical function.

Blood oxygen measurement of Apple Watch Series 7

During the workout, bicycle motion measurement was significantly enhanced. When you start pedaling, your bicycle workout will start automatically, and it will also detect if your bicycle has fallen. Accurate calorie measurement has been achieved even when using an electric bicycle.

Apple Watch Series 7 has enhanced bicycle motion measurement

Extensive lineup of materials and color variations

And when choosing an Apple Watch, the problem is the material and color variations of the case. The “Series 7” comes in three types of cases: aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. The color variations are as follows.

Aluminum: Midnight, Starlight, Green, Blue, (PRODUCT) Red

Apple Watch Series 7 Aluminum Color Variations

Stainless steel: silver, graphite, gold

Apple Watch Series 7 Stainless Steel Color Variations

Titanium: Titanium, Space Black Titanium

Apple Watch Series 7 Titanium Color Variations

In addition to this, there is also a lineup of collaboration models by Nike and Hermes, which have become completely standard. I also want to consider matching with the band.

Spec comparison

Finally, let’s check the main specifications of each of “Series 7”, “Series 6”, and “SE”.

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Like the display size, the Apple Watch has an increased presence

Until now, the Apple Watch has always been a reliable presence for its owners, but the “Series 7” has the impression of being more powerful and beautiful. In addition to the design renewal such as a larger display size, durability has been increased, charging speed has been improved, and various functions have been updated. If you’re using a model from a few generations ago, or if you’re having trouble buying an Apple Watch, take this opportunity to experience it.

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