How Kim Kardashian feels about Kendall Jenner Without Love the Name Psalm

How Kim Kardashian feels about Kendall Jenner Without Love the Name Psalm

It turns out Kim Kardashian I did not know Kendall Jenner "he did not care for his fourth child 's name, West Psalm, until she saw the supermodel of those words with Jimmy Fallon last week.

"So I saw this interview by Kendall on Fallon, and I like, Excuse me yours! First of all, I say it first; don't say it on TV, '' Kim said when she was pressed under the "controversial" name on Friday's show "Live with Kelly and Ryan."

The "Keeping up with the Kardashians" The star was of the opinion that there was a 10 day “grace period” in which the government is in place to give parents the time to choose a name and register it. However, there is conflicting information on the internet and some sources that do not require the proper registration of the child's legal name before they go 1.

However, Kardashian was cutting back, at least for the deadline she knew at the time. She left "hours" to choose something from the list she had made with the man Kanye Westand he wanted to make sure that he was “unique” as his three other children.

"In the morning, I woke up, and Kanye was working and busy, and I knew our list," explained Kim. "And so I rang every sister, and I like, 'What are you all doing?' And Kendall was available, so I like, 'Come on You're not leaving my house until we get the name.

It was the story of a kidnapping and Kendall supported their appearance "Tonight Show" last Friday.

"And now Kylie [Jenner] was, 'I'll be FaceTime with you,'; "Kim continued." hall – so we're screaming every name, for example, 'Psalm! Come here! & # 39; You know? Like every practice trying to find out what name we would prefer. "

"I was driving her crazy," admitted Kardashian. " So I want, 'Let's break, let's see a movie, let our nails do.' Kylie and I really saw the name, so I think Kendall was more crazy that her choice was not first, and that she was encouraging on Fallon. "

With an incredible smile, Kim insisted that Kendall is now "love the name."

Indeed, Jenner seemed peeled when the topic came up during her conversation with Jimmy.

“Kim gave me her home and helped her choose a name and it was this whole thing,” she explained. "She wouldn't let me leave the house until we got a name and then we got the name that I didn't even like to do, that I didn't even care so much. for another name. "

Unfortunately, neither sister picked Kendall.

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