How many days to quarantine for covids 2022 Check here for covids, quarantine for 7 days, observe symptoms for another 3 days, update the latest covid quarantine

How many days to quarantine for covid Omicron? latest update infected with covids how many days to quarantine for 2022 Latest Ministry of Health allow COVID patients With few symptoms, quarantine for 7 days, observe symptoms for another 3 days, so if infected with covid No need to quarantine for 10 days or quarantine for 14 days, includinginfected with covid contact according to social security rights, gold cards, and civil servant rights Emphasis on self-quarantine at home for green patients and asymptomatic and will receive medication according to symptoms

How many days have you been quarantined for COVID?

Ministry of Public Health reveals the situation of covids found pneumonia patients intubation and a slight increase in deaths High bed occupancy rate in 4 provinces, but the mortality rate has decreased from 140 million doses of vaccination found to save the lives of up to 4.9 hundred thousand Thai people from covids, reducing the number of severe cases and reducing the cost of vaccination. treat severe Repeatedly weakening immunity over time. Requires stimulation injections, revealing that the first lot of LAAB antibodies are coming in and preparing for training to use them all over the country.

In addition, the death toll in the past week Almost all of them were in the 608 group, ie the elderly 60 years and over, with congenital diseases and pregnant women, totaling 98%. The most common chronic disease was chronic renal failure patients. Most of them were not vaccinated or did not receive all of them. The death rate of COVID per 100,000 population is highest during the delta ripple. and decreased during the omikron Indicates that it is less intense than Delta. While more than 140 million doses of vaccination in Thai people provide a certain level of immunity, thereby reducing the mortality rate. As for the occupancy rate of 2nd – 3rd level beds, it is still acceptable. There are 4 provinces that are starting to tighten, namely Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Samut Prakan and Pathum Thani, due to the increasing number of patients and the return of beds to take care of general patients. But the bed can be extended if the situation changes. which the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health has ordered preparations in various provinces to support and invited Bangkok Discuss the organization of the health care system and referrals. because there are many hospitals affiliated in the area

However, 2U measures still need to be tightened, including Universal Prevention, personal protection measures, social distancing, wearing masks, frequent hand washing, and ATK testing when experiencing flu-like symptoms.Omicron BA.4/BA.5 Highlights are sore throat, sore throat, runny nose. If you have flu-like symptoms, don’t worry. ATK testing and Universal Vaccination. Vaccination, which is now increasing people to get vaccinated. various departments If infected if there are few symptoms Able to separate 7+3 home quarantine, which is 7-day quarantine and 3 more days of surveillance for symptoms, which should refrain from meeting other people and wear masks all the time.

infected with covid, where to contact

addicted to covid gold card

  • public health service center
  • Warm Community Clinic
  • Primary care unit of the hospital according to the policy of 30 baht.
  • registered hospital
  • Pharmacy in the project “See, Give, End”

addicted to covid social security

  • Contracting hospitals in the social security system

addicted to covid civil servant rights

  • All government hospitals

or through this channel

  • Call. Hotline 1669 press 2
  • or NHSO hotline 1330, press 14 for the general public and press 18 for group 608, bedridden patients and people with disabilities

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